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With the joy of celebrating Syawal, AzamHashim Photography would love to take this opportunity in sharing the happiness with future brides and grooms.

With booking of 2 wedding events, you are entitle to Upgrade your album for FREE. Upgrade your album to 1 Photobook 15×11 inch, 40 pages with an additional slip case.

The promotion period is from 1st of Syawal until 30th Syawal 1435H. You are available to made booking within this period by emailing to azam_hashim(at) or Facebook message using this link

The promotion only open for weddings in October 2014, November 2014 and any month in 2015.


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Adi & Ana (Outdoor, Kuala Lumpur)

wedding — admin on March 31, 2014 at 3:00 am



After their reception, we headed to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for a portraiture shoot. Weather was lovely and the session was a breeze. Below are some of the photos from the Adi and Ana’s portraiture session. Enjoy!

adiana_outdoor2 adiana_outdoor3 adiana_outdoor4 adiana_outdoor5 adiana_outdoor6 adiana_outdoor7 adiana_outdoor8 adiana_outdoor9 adiana_outdoor10 adiana_outdoor11 adiana_outdoor12 adiana_outdoor13 adiana_outdoor14 adiana_outdoor15 adiana_outdoor15 adiana_outdoor16 adiana_outdoor17

Adi & Ana (Resepsi, Kuala Lumpur)

wedding — admin on March 17, 2014 at 2:50 am



The next day, I once again in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur to document the following ceremony for Adi and Ana which is their reception. Enjoy the photos below!

adianaresepsi_2 adianaresepsi_3 adianaresepsi_4 adianaresepsi_5 adianaresepsi_6 adianaresepsi_7 adianaresepsi_8 adianaresepsi_9 adianaresepsi_10 adianaresepsi_11 adianaresepsi_12 adianaresepsi_13 adianaresepsi_14 adianaresepsi_15 adianaresepsi_16 adianaresepsi_17 adianaresepsi_18 adianaresepsi_19 adianaresepsi_20 adianaresepsi_21 adianaresepsi_22 adianaresepsi_23 adianaresepsi_25 adianaresepsi_26 adianaresepsi_27 adianaresepsi_28 adianaresepsi_29 adianaresepsi_30 adianaresepsi_31 adianaresepsi_31 adianaresepsi_32 adianaresepsi_33 adianaresepsi_34 adianaresepsi_35 adianaresepsi_36 adianaresepsi_37 adianaresepsi_38

Adi & Ana (Akad Nikah, Kuala Lumpur)

wedding — admin on February 27, 2014 at 2:14 am



AzamHashim Photography documented this two during their engagement. And for this entry, AzamHashim Photography to document their majlis akad nikah that were held in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. I would like to thank Adi and Ana for keeping the trust in me to photograph their big day. As much I enjoyed documenting the yellow theme ceremony, I hope you guys do enjoy the photos from the day. Keep scrolling down for more photos!

adiananikah_2 adiananikah_3 adiananikah_4 adiananikah_5 adiananikah_6 adiananikah_7 adiananikah_8 adiananikah_9 adiananikah_10 adiananikah_11adiananikah_12

adiananikah_13 adiananikah_14 adiananikah_15 adiananikah_16 adiananikah_17 adiananikah_18


adiananikah_20 adiananikah_21 adiananikah_22 adiananikah_23 adiananikah_24 adiananikah_25 adiananikah_26 adiananikah_27 adiananikah_28 adiananikah_29 adiananikah_30 adiananikah_31 adiananikah_32 adiananikah_33 adiananikah_34 adiananikah_35 adiananikah_36

Indah’s Family Portraiture (Putrajaya)

portrait — admin on November 13, 2013 at 11:54 pm


She is beautiful when she smiles. She is Indah. It was a fine afternoon as i got the chance to do some potraiture session with this lovely family. Enjoy the photos guys!


Indahportrait_2 Indahportrait_3 Indahportrait_4 Indahportrait_5 Indahportrait_6 Indahportrait_7 Indahportrait_8 Indahportrait_9 Indahportrait_10 Indahportrait_11 Indahportrait_12 Indahportrait_13 Indahportrait_14 Indahportrait_15 Indahportrait_16 Indahportrait_17 Indahportrait_18 Indahportrait_19 Indahportrait_20 Indahportrait_21 Indahportrait_22 Indahportrait_23 Indahportrait_24 Indahportrait_25 Indahportrait_26 Indahportrait_27 Indahportrait_28 Indahportrait_29 Indahportrait_30 Indahportrait_31 Indahportrait_32 Indahportrait_33 Indahportrait_34 Indahportrait_35 Indahportrait_36 Indahportrait_37 Indahportrait_38 Indahportrait_39 Indahportrait_40 Indahportrait_41 Indahportrait_42 Indahportrait_43 Indahportrait_44

Khairul & Fatheen (Resepsi)

wedding — admin on September 24, 2013 at 11:32 pm




KhaiFatheenSanding_04 KhaiFatheenSanding_05 KhaiFatheenSanding_06 KhaiFatheenSanding_07

KhaiFatheenSanding_09 KhaiFatheenSanding_10 KhaiFatheenSanding_11 KhaiFatheenSanding_12 KhaiFatheenSanding_13 KhaiFatheenSanding_14 KhaiFatheenSanding_15 KhaiFatheenSanding_16 KhaiFatheenSanding_17 KhaiFatheenSanding_18 KhaiFatheenSanding_19 KhaiFatheenSanding_20 KhaiFatheenSanding_21 KhaiFatheenSanding_22 KhaiFatheenSanding_23 KhaiFatheenSanding_24 KhaiFatheenSanding_25 KhaiFatheenSanding_26 KhaiFatheenSanding_27 KhaiFatheenSanding_28 KhaiFatheenSanding_29 KhaiFatheenSanding_30 KhaiFatheenSanding_31 KhaiFatheenSanding_32 KhaiFatheenSanding_33 KhaiFatheenSanding_34 KhaiFatheenSanding_35 KhaiFatheenSanding_36 KhaiFatheenSanding_37 KhaiFatheenSanding_38 KhaiFatheenSanding_39 KhaiFatheenSanding_40


Khairul & Fatheen (Akad Nikah)

wedding — admin on September 18, 2013 at 1:40 am


The union of Khairul & Fatheen in Johor. AzamHashim Photography tagging Az Zuhrie Photography on this majlis akad nikah.

KhaiFatheenNikah_02 KhaiFatheenNikah_03KhaiFatheenNikah_04 KhaiFatheenNikah_05 KhaiFatheenNikah_06i KhaiFatheenNikah_06ii KhaiFatheenNikah_06iii KhaiFatheenNikah_09 KhaiFatheenNikah_10 KhaiFatheenNikah_11 KhaiFatheenNikah_13 KhaiFatheenNikah_14i KhaiFatheenNikah_14ii KhaiFatheenNikah_14iii KhaiFatheenNikah_15KhaiFatheenNikah_16 KhaiFatheenNikah_17 KhaiFatheenNikah_18 KhaiFatheenNikah_19 KhaiFatheenNikah_20

Thanks you Fatheen, Zuhrie, Syawal and Josia for giving me to be part of the event.


Hadi & Azura (Engagement)

wedding — admin on September 12, 2013 at 2:59 am


Majlis pertunangan Hadi & Azura di Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur

hadizuratunang_02 hadizuratunang_03

hadizuratunang_04 hadizuratunang_05 hadizuratunang_06

hadizuratunang_07 hadizuratunang_08 hadizuratunang_09 hadizuratunang_10 hadizuratunang_11 hadizuratunang_12 hadizuratunang_13 hadizuratunang_14 hadizuratunang_15 hadizuratunang_16 hadizuratunang_17 hadizuratunang_18 hadizuratunang_19 hadizuratunang_20 hadizuratunang_21 hadizuratunang_22 hadizuratunang_23 hadizuratunang_24 hadizuratunang_25 hadizuratunang_26 hadizuratunang_27 hadizuratunang_28 hadizuratunang_29 hadizuratunang_30 hadizuratunang_31 hadizuratunang_32 hadizuratunang_33

Happy engagement Hadi & Azura!


Dahlia (Majlis Berendoi, Bandar Baru Sentul)

portrait — admin on October 14, 2012 at 11:45 pm


This would be my first photographing majlis berendoi. I had photographed one majlis cukur jambul last year. It was one good experience and one eye opener for AzamHashim Photograhy as a wedding photographer initially. A good practice too I presume. Majlis berendoi is actually a malay custom to celebrate a new family members while the event itself will acknowledge the neighbors, near or far of the new baby.  Below are the photos that I managed to document during Dahlia’s majlis berendoi.

daberendoi12_02 daberendoi12_03

daberendoi12_04 daberendoi12_05

daberendoi12_06 daberendoi12_07 daberendoi12_08

daberendoi12_09 daberendoi12_10

daberendoi12_11 daberendoi12_12 daberendoi12_13

daberendoi12_14 daberendoi12_15

daberendoi12_16 daberendoi12_17

daberendoi12_18 daberendoi12_19

daberendoi12_20 daberendoi12_21

daberendoi12_22 daberendoi12_23 daberendoi12_24

daberendoi12_25 daberendoi12_26

daberendoi12_27 daberendoi12_28 daberendoi12_29

daberendoi12_30 daberendoi12_31

daberendoi12_32 daberendoi12_33

All in all, it was fun documenting this event. I’ll definitely do it again if i get the chance.


Azizi & Fynas (Engagement, Bandar Baru Sentul)

wedding — admin on October 9, 2012 at 4:16 am


This entry for Azizi and Fynas. It’s their engagement. I was at Bandar Baru Sentul to document this double event, engagement ceremony and majlis berendoi. But this entry is for the engagement ceremony only. I just love the setup for the event, simple and lovely. Although Fynas did told me that she did plann all this in just a short time. You did well Fynas. I enjoyed photographing the event. Enjoy the photos below.

azizifynas12_02 azizifynas12_03

azizifynas12_04 azizifynas12_05 azizifynas12_06

azizifynas12_07 azizifynas12_08

azizifynas12_09 azizifynas12_10

azizifynas12_11 azizifynas12_12 azizifynas12_13

azizifynas12_14 azizifynas12_15 azizifynas12_16

azizifynas12_17 azizifynas12_18 azizifynas12_19

azizifynas12_20 azizifynas12_21 azizifynas12_22

azizifynas12_23 azizifynas12_24

azizifynas12_25 azizifynas12_26

azizifynas12_27 azizifynas12_28

azizifynas12_29 azizifynas12_30

azizifynas12_31 azizifynas12_32 azizifynas12_33

azizifynas12_34 azizifynas12_35

azizifynas12_36 azizifynas12_37

azizifynas12_38 azizifynas12_39

azizifynas12_40 azizifynas12_41

azizifynas12_42 azizifynas12_43 azizifynas12_44

azizifynas12_45 azizifynas12_46

azizifynas12_47 azizifynas12_48

azizifynas12_49 azizifynas12_50

Tahniah Azizi and Fynas for your engagement. InsyaAllah ade rezeki, we meet up again on your wedding day. (:


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