KAMI the concert 2008

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KAMI the concert



it’s been a few days after KAMI the concert was held. tapi bahang serta kehangatannya masih terasa. it was saturday, in the 18th October of 2008. KAMI the concert was held in carpark area at Bukit Jalil Stadium. i guess it was the finale of all that related to KAMI. since KAMI the series, KAMI the concert, KAMI the movie, and even KAMI the book.




the event started prior 2 pm with pouring rain . and it send most of the running searching tempat berteduh. but for some, they still stood still in front of the stage as Harmacy open up the concert. crowd yg mostly adalah golongan remaja belasan tahun were such wicked awesome bunch of crowd. dengan kehadiran crowd ni, it reflected what have KAMI is all about. it’s all about remaja and for that day is the celebration untuk muzik generasi baru yang akan seterusnya mengperhebatkan lagi scene muzik di Malaysia. we do have great talent and awsome wicked band here that still waiting to be discovered.





after couple starts their performance, the rain stop and it wasssuch a blessing from the sky. the whole crowd gathered in front of stage and meneruskan niat awal mereka datang ke Bukit Jalil, untuk menikmati great musics. Band band yg perform pada sebelah petang antaranya adalah Estrella, Jeopardice, Laila Lounge, They Kill Us All, Blind Tribe, The Aggrobeats, KoffinKanser, Seven Collar T-shirt, dan band Kugiran Malaya (band Nat-T). Dengan banyak genre musik yg diperdengarkan petang tu, KAMI the concert berhenti rehat sebelum diteruskan pada sebelah malam pulak.




Not to forget that between the rest, cast cast dari KAMI the movie juga keluar dekat atas stage. Baling baling poster, and a little chit chat. They were Adi(Zayanah), Boy, Abu(Nas-T), Lyn(Liyana Jasmay), (Juliana Evans).




Section sebelah malam adalah ‘the things’ yang paling ditunggu oleh crowd. Kalau tak, tak lah crowd would stay sampai malam. Like Sarah (the MC) would say ‘We save the best for the last”. I came back to the main stage during Red Dragon perform, but sebelum ada satu band perform kalau tak silap. After that, the energy came back, the aura concert tu mula hangat balik as Pop Shuvit take on the stage. They were awesome when you can tengok dan dengar secara live (secara langsung). In fact all band that perform during the night have such great energy. After Pop Shuvit, band band yang perform adalah Pure Vibration, One Buck Short, Bittersweet, The Times, Republic of Brickfields, Love Me Butch, Meet Uncle Hussain and Butterfingers.


My camera battery flat on me during Meet Uncle Hussain first song. Hahaha, I was so dissapointed sbb lepas still ada Butterfingers and OAG. But Butterfingers only managed to perform few songs, i think 2 songs kot after the organiser had to close it due to ‘masa tamat’. it’s already 12 o’clock. So OAG tak perform malam tu. huhu.


Overall, KAMI the concert was a success. Kudos to Monkeybone, Hotlink, 8tv, Crew KAMI, and everyone behind it. it such a great finale and great year for KAMI. i personnally hope we still have KAMI next year! =)

Convocation Photos Promotion

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I’m happily announced that azamhashim photography will conducting a promotion for graduate that will be graduating throughout the months onwards.


Azamhashim thinks that convocation photos is an important thing to be remembered because it simply the important event in life as we graduate to the new level of life. I simply thinks that we should cherish this moment with your loves one and share it together.


I love to shoot happy events like this because there is a lot of surprises in photos that i will get each day. And i would be honored to capture it and share my skills with you guys. Different people gives different expression, different people reacts differently. That how interesting this event would be.


If anyone interested to be captured by me, do contact me now! 🙂

Roof Maker

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This is my short photo story about a friendly roof maker. She introduced herself as Tok Som. She is friendly and very informative. I’ll definately visit her again one day.



She told me that she can make hundreds of this in one day by herself. I believe her after i watch her for a while. She really really good and took very little time to finished up one roof. Bravo to Tok Som.



– Marang, 2008

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