Flyfm 3rd Flyniversary (1)

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15th November 2008, tarikh keramat untuk sebuah stesen radio tempatan dimana pada tarikh tersebut, they celebrate their 3rd anniversary. For a new comer,they are getting bigger and bigger each year. It was proven when thousands of listerners show up at ‘flyfm 3rd aniversary’ concert.



The show was open by the presenter of flyfm itself. They were playing bahan-bahan buangan as their music instrument. Nice! But, i came sbb nak tengok few bands yang akan perform that night. Kalau tak silap, Bunkface yang open stage malam tu. After that, Faizal Tahir took the stage. Then 7 collar t-shirt, and later Jaclyn Victor.



Ni baru separuh, baru warm-up. Lagi separuh akan di update kemudian. Enjoy the photos!


Wedding: Akad Nikah Zairul & Afaf

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 all photos will be update later. tunggu!

Wedding: Shoes

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Wedding shoes is one of the details in overall ‘look’ and ‘feel’ dalam sesebuah majils perkahwinan. Everything shold be looks good including wedding shoes too. Pemilihan wedding shoes selalunya dikaitkan dengan pakaian pengantin, tema majlis dan juga warna tema majlis itu nanti.


For some, they love the simpleness from their shoes and some love their wedding shoes to be details with pattern or even hand made work (jahitan, kerawang, manik, dan sebagainya). Yup, it depend to many factor like i stated before.


So, what that do good to photographers like me myself. For me, wedding shoes can do wonders, as i love to try take detail shots of a wedding. I would love to bring memories what she wear, what type shoes, how the shoes look like, what color the shoes are. Because, it is an important occasion, it’s your wedding! It should be remembered including your wedding shoes.


So far, i tried to capture wedding shoes in every wedding and i will do that for my coming wedding, today onwards. I would love to try different angle, different composition, different background, different perspective, bak kata org, ‘anything’.


wedding shoes could tell a story. It could be a story of itself. A pictorial story that i would love to capture.

MICPA convocation

convocation — admin on November 6, 2008 at 4:44 am


Have the opportunity to shoot at MICPA Excellent Awards that was held at Pacific Ballroom, Seri Pacific Hotel. Enjoy the photos =)



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