Thaipusam (2010)

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Thaipusam were celebrate each year by Tamil community here in Malaysia. It was celebrated on the full moon in the Tamil calendar (January/February).



Here in Kuala Lumpur, the event were celebrate in Batu Caves. According to statistic, Batu Caves often attracts over one million devotees and ten thousands of tourist. As in 2008, Thaipusam was declared as a public holiday and i believe the number of devotees are increasing each year including this year. Awal2 pagi pun dah ramai.



This is my third visit to Batu Caves for Thaipusam. I did skip on 2008 and 2009 because of work. There is a new route for devotees this year sbb ade flyover baru. I guess this was their new experince before they climb hundres of steps to reach the caves.



Tahun ni ‘plan’ keluar awal sebab nak cari view yang berbeza dari lawatan2 yang sebelum ni. I think i manage to get the shoot that i wanted. Nice! =)



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