Mono Live in Malaysia (2010)

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After 2 years of their first visit to Malaysia, Mono had once again decided to meet their Malaysian fans in 2010. They came with their 5th studio album ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’ that had received great reviews all over the world. After touring all over the world promoting their newest album and celebrating their 10th anniversary, Mono are once again welcome by Malaysian post-rock fan (yang sudah bertambah) as they showed up in KLPAC dated 30 Jan 2010.



With almost a full house in Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC), the majestic events kick off with local post-rock band, Deepset. Deepset open with an outstanding performance. I am pretty sure they have collect more newer fans at this show. Im one of them 🙂

As Mono took the stage, the started their set by playing ‘Ashes In The Snow’. For me, it does give a welcoming mood the whole set that last about 2 hours.  After a few songs, a string quartet came out and give a deeper sound the awesome night. Nice! Towards the end, Mono were roaring with their sound and the crowd was with them. They ended with a climax ‘Everlasting Light’. No encore but it was a tastiest night. It did gave me chills for a week i guess. Wicked!





Last but not least, kudos to Soundscape Records for bringing Mono for the 2nd time in Malaysia. Do come again Mono!



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