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Last few weeks had an opportunity to try something new, doing kid portraiture. Session with Adam the hero. =) At first, i find it difficult to interact with Adam since we barely know each other. But fortunately we have makcik adam with us, so adam takde la rasa janggal sangat berdepan dengan kamera. I think i spend about 10 to 15 minutes to get Adam act naturally in front of the camera. At first, muka memang macam malas2 tapi bila dah biasa, i think he did enjoy the whole process. I did too 🙂

admpot10_02 admpot10_03 admpot10_04

admpot10_05 admpot10_06

admpot10_07 admpot10_08

admpot10_09 admpot10_10

It was early in the morning, at about 10 o’clock. So, i don’t have to much problem with the light. Natural light pun dah cantik. I bet if i had another opportunity to shoot kid or family portraiture, this was the right time to shoot. The available lights are beautiful. =) Thanks Adam and makcik adam for the opportunity. I did had a good time chasing him to get those shots. Buat kerja sambil exercise. Hehe

admpot10_11 admpot10_12

admpot10_13 admpot10_14

admpot10_15 admpot10_16

admpot10_17 admpot10_18 admpot10_19

We did have fun! Yay!



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