Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (2010)

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Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta marked it’s 2nd year in 2010. A group of big, hot and colorful balloons had landed on Putrajaya’s ground.  Malaysian who missed the 1st event last year, gathered at Monument Alaf Baru to witness this annual event. At early morning, the parking space a near to be filled up, and the take off area are filled with photographers yang mengambil peluang untuk merakam belon udara berwarna-warni. Termasuk juga saya. hehe.

ptjybln10_02 ptjybln10_03 ptjybln10_04

ptjybln10_05 ptjybln10_06

ptjybln10_07 ptjybln10_08

20 plus of hot air balloon participated in this year event. There are from France, Poland, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Thailand, Germany and Japan. Rasanya belon yang paling mendapat perhatian adalah belon Darth Vader from France.

ptjybln10_09 ptjybln10_10

ptjybln10_11 ptjybln10_12

ptjybln10_13 ptjybln10_14

This year, sempat pergi event pagi je (mcm tahun lepas). Gambar-gambar agak gelap. Hopefully there will next year! and bolehlah nak ambik gambar belon yang kurang gelap. hehe. See you guys next year!

ptjybln10_15 ptjybln10_16



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