Typecast: Live in Malaysia

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Typecast was brought by Gegey Music whom managed to brought in few international acts last year. I believe Typecast is a big name back in Phillipines. They opened for Saosin Live in Manila early this year and had been to Singapore several times. With this first appearance in Malaysia, it was a good opportunity for Typecast to promote their new coming album, How Your Influence Betrays You, to Malaysian crowd. Hopefully this will not their last visit to Malaysia.

The events was supported by few of biggest local bands and a band from Singapore. The event opened by This Sunday, Massacre Conspiracy, The Padangs, Incarnation, A Vacant Affair and Love Me Butch.


This Sunday

typecast10_04 typecast10_05 typecast10_06

Massacre Conspiracy

typecast10_07 typecast10_08

The Padangs

typecast10_09 typecast10_10 typecast10_11


typecast10_12 typecast10_13 typecast10_14

A Vacant Affair

typecast10_15 typecast10_16 typecast10_17

Love Me Butch

After the stage had been rock out by six band, Typecast took the stage. and  with a substituted bassist. I am familiar with only few songs from their last album although i’ve been listening to them for last two years. Maybe i’ve been listening to their only famous set list. Pity me. Haha. Despite the low crowd that night, they still rocking out the venue, Dragonfly Club. They end the show with a collaboration with Matt from A Vacant Affair. No encore that night but it was an awesome introductory for the band in Malaysia. The venue was good, the band was awesome, but the crowd, not the best i think.

typecast10_18 typecast10_19

typecast10_20 typecast10_21 typecast10_22

typecast10_23 typecast10_24

typecast10_25 typecast10_26 typecast10_27

typecast10_28 typecast10_29

typecast10_30 typecast10_31 typecast10_32

typecast10_33 typecast10_34

typecast10_35 typecast10_36 typecast10_37

With more less 200 turnout that day, Malaysian music fans still need to be introduce to this band. But this visit will be a benchmark to future Typecast listener. Do come again Typecast! Thanks Gegey for bringing them for the 1st time to Malaysia.


Kuala Lumpur Design Week (2010)

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The second edition of Kuala Lumpur Design Week (KLDW) were held from 1st to 16th May of 2010. There’s a few additional new venues for this year as well as additional exhibitions this year. But unfortunately, i only manage to squeeze my time to visit  Capsquare only although i’ve been craving to visit exhibition in National Art Gallery and Gallery Petronas.

kldw10_02 kldw10_03

kldw10_04 kldw10_05

Although i didn’t make it to others venue, i believe this year KLDW was a good eye opener for local designer and future designer. Till next year!

kldw10_06 kldw10_07

kldw10_08 kldw10_09

Mother’s Day Portrait (Anna & Dina)

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It’s good to try new things. After few session of kids portrait, i just keep wanting more. So, for the past few weeks, sibuk promote untuk shoot mother’s day portrait through facebook and at last kak Anna interested to be part of it. Thanks kak Anna and her daughter, Dina.  So, last sunday we did the photo session. The day was perfect, good light, good location and great new friends. =) So, here are some of  the photos.

dinamd_02 dinamd_03

dinamd_04 dinamd_05

dinamd_06 dinamd_07 dinamd_08

dinamd_09 dinamd_10

Dina was a bit malu-malu at first, although she know how to pose. Kalau Dina dah sampai mood nak pose tu, sangat photogenic and fast. So,  i have to be quick with my camera. hehe. Thanks pada kak Anna sebab bawa props and makanan. It did bring out the lovely morning with those props, and perut pun senang hati. hehe

dinamd_11 dinamd_12

dinamd_13 dinamd_14 dinamd_15

dinamd_16 dinamd_17 dinamd_18

dinamd_19 dinamd_20

I did have fun shooting kak Anna and Dina. Thanks juga pada Aleng and Jojet yang sama-sama have fun hari tu. Great time spend! =) Anyone else up for a lovely portrait? hehe


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