Jue & Kids (Mother’s Day Portrait)

portrait — admin on June 28, 2010 at 1:46 am


An opportunity not to be missed. I had an opportunity to shoot family photos after my last update on my Mother’s Day post. One thing i love shooting portraiture is the different energy i have to give into each session, especially shooting kids. Shooting kids is hard and fun at the same time. For this entry, I had an opportunity shooting Jue and her kids. Jue is a friend of Asya. And we did this session at the same day as i did asya and tasya session.

juekd10_02 juekd10_03

juekd10_04 juekd10_05 juekd10_06

juekd10_07 juekd10_08

juekd10_09 juekd10_10

juekd10_11juekd10_12 juekd10_13

In the session with Jue and her kids, shooting Hadif is a difficult one because he is so playful and love to run around. And yeah, he is really fast. Hadif memang hero. hehe. While shooting the cute Nuha isn’t a big difficult. What’s really special about shooting family portraiture like this Mother’s Day Portrait is i got too capture the bonding within the family members. It’s a beauty experience and fun too.

juekd10_14 juekd10_15

juekd10_16 juekd10_17

juekd10_18 juekd10_19 juekd10_20

juekd10_21 juekd10_22 juekd10_23

Thanks Jue and her kids, Hadif and Nuha for an awesome session! And happy belated mother’s day to all mothers in Malaysia and all over the world. 🙂


Asya & Tasya (Mother’s Day Portrait)

portrait — admin on June 21, 2010 at 2:54 am


This is a very late entry for a mother’s day. hehe.  Last month, i did manage to shoot few mother’s day portrait in conjunction with the celebration of mother’s day and this is the other shoot that i manage to work on.

asyat10_02 asyat10_03 asyat10_04

asyat10_05 asyat10_06

asyat10_07 asyat10_08

asyat10_09 asyat10_10 asyat10_11

asyat10_12 asyat10_13

Asya and tasya did come prepared with beautiful clothes and props. White is always suitable in any occasion or photo shoot, and i would recommended it if you want to do a photo shoot. It suit the green background and the blue skies. hehe. The weather was good on that day.

asyat10_14 asyat10_15 asyat10_16

asyat10_17 asyat10_18

asyat10_19 asyat10_20 asyat10_21

asyat10_22 asyat10_23

asyat10_24 asyat10_25 asyat10_26

asyat10_27 asyat10_28

Asya and tasya did great in front of the camera. Tasya are very camera friendly. It was easy for me to shoot them. Enjoy the photos!


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