Hizrat & Bai (Outdoor)

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This will last entry for Hizrat & Bai. After the reception ceremony earlier, we went out for some outdoor session. Along the way to the outdoor location, we stopped by the paddy field to shoot some few shoots. The light was great. The yellowish late evening light did bring out the colors of the scene and it was lovely.

hizbao10_02 hizbao10_03

hizbao10_04 hizbao10_05 hizbao10_06

hizbao10_07 hizbao10_08

hizbao10_09 hizbao10_10

hizbao10_11 hizbao10_12

hizbao10_13 hizbao10_14

hizbao10_15 hizbao10_16 hizbao10_17

Along the way to the actual location, rain starts to pour and we thought we’re are out of luck to shoot more outdoor portraits. But luckily, Hizrat rerouteย  to another location and it’s was a bit dark when we arrived. So, we have to used what we have. The sun nowhere to be found, i guess we’ve already passed the sunset. hehe. But nonetheless, we able to shoot few photos just for Hizrat and Bai to remember their lovely day. Alhamdulillah, everything goes well although it was not according to the actual plan ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Hizrat and Bai for inviting me to shoot your memorable day. Thanks juga pada family members yang bagi kerjasama sepanjang proses merakam gambar. Dan thanks pada saudara Nizam yang banyak membantu. Selamat pengantin baru Hizrat & Bai ๐Ÿ™‚


Hizrat & Bai (Resepsi)

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Sehari selepas majlis akad nikah, majlis resepsi pula menyusul. Mengenakan baju berwarna kuning keemasan, memang sesuai sekali untuk dipanggil raja sehari. hehe. Had an ample time to shoot few details shoot semasa tunggu pengantin lelaki sampai. Sekali sekala memang seronok kalau dapat ambik details shoot ni. For me as a wedding photographer, these details shoot would tell the characters or the uniqueness of a wedding from the others.

hizbas10_01i hizbas10_02

hizbas10_03 hizbas10_04hizbas10_05

hizbas10_06 hizbas10_07 hizbas10_08

hizbas10_09 hizbas10_10 hizbas10_11

hizbas10_12 hizbas10_13

hizbas10_14 hizbas10_15

It was a fine day for a reception. Although ada tanda2 nak hujan tengahhari tu, the day pass with a perfect weather. The event ran smoothly and kerja2 jurugambar kahwin pun senang bila event berjalan lancar. Thanks to both couple yang tak jemu2 memberi kejersama semasa proses ‘mengambil gambar’ berlangsung. Pengantin camera friendly, pelamin pun camera friendly, lighting pun camera friendly. Nice! Thanks juga pada assistant ‘ad hoc’ pada hari tu, saudara nizam yang banyak memberi bantuan. Syok sikit kerja hari tu sebab ada geng. hehe

hizbas10_16 hizbas10_17

hizbas10_18 hizbas10_19 hizbas10_20

hizbas10_21 hizbas10_22 hizbas10_23

hizbas10_24 hizbas10_25 hizbas10_26

hizbas10_27 hizbas10_28

hizbas10_29 hizbas10_30 hizbas10_31

Tunggu entri seterusnya. Outdoor session at paddy field and by the beach. It’s penang yaw!


Hizrat & Bai (Nikah)

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Entri kahwin first untuk tahun ni. Dah lama tunggu nak shoot wedding untuk 2010 and Hizrat lah orang first yang confirm untuk hire Azam Hashim Photography for the first job of the year 2010. Thanks Hizrat. Hehe. Hizrat is a friend during my studies in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. And he is also into photography and doing wedding photography as a part time. Kira senang juga kalau kerja dengan orang yang dalam same industry ni sebab dia dah tahu flow dan selok belok kerja2 ambik gambar kahwin ni. Entri ni adalah entri untuk majlis pernikahan yang berlangsung di Guar Perahu, Pulau Pinang ๐Ÿ™‚

hizbin10_02 hizbin10_03

hizbin10_04 hizbin10_05

hizbin10_06 hizbin10_07

hizbin10_08 hizbin10_09

hizbin10_10 hizbin10_11

Majlis berlangsung ringkas dan dihadiri oleh sanak saudara di kedua2 belah pihak. Kawan2 juga ada turut bersama pada pagi tu. Kira-kira pukul 11pagi, dengan sekali lafaz dan dinikahkan oleh ayah Bai, Hizrat dan Bai secara rasminya bergelar suami dan isteri. Maka dengan itu, sorang lagi kawan aku dah kahwin. hehe.

hizbin10_12 hizbin10_13

hizbin10_14 hizbin10_15

hizbin10_16 hizbin10_17 hizbin10_18

hizbin10_19 hizbin10_20 hizbin10_21

hizbin10_22 hizbin10_23 hizbin10_24

Tahniah untuk Hizrat & Bai. Tunggu entri seterusnya untuk gambar-gambar majlis persandingan pula.


Seven Collar T-Shirt: The Battle Protocol (2010)

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22 May 2010 marked a new milestone to this band in their many years in Malaysia local music scene. They are Seven Collar T-Shirt. Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Center (KLPAC) had turn into a ‘war zone’ for ‘The Battle Protocol’. This was their last stop after touring to many different ‘war zone’ all across Malaysia promoting their newest album, ‘The Great Battle’. They have toured Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Melaka and Kedah before 22 May.

btptc10_02 btptc10_03 btptc10_04

btptc10_05 btptc10_06 btptc10_07

btptc10_08 btptc10_09

btptc10_10 btptc10_11 btptc10_12

The entire battle was divided into 4 scenes, giving a different feel, tempo and mood on each scene. The battle started with TET offensive featuring the percussion unit. The loud beat from the big drum do gives the energy needed to start the battle. While in scene 2, they were support by ambiance players. Scene 2 was eclectic with Fragile, Fibres, Drones, War is over and Chemicals. After 10minutes interval, scene 3 starts with summary and Yuna comes out to do duet with Duan on few songs. The last scene started with a solo drum session by Aidil and finish with a big bang of the song titled Lights.

btptc10_13 btptc10_14

btptc10_15 btptc10_16 btptc10_17

btptc10_18 btptc10_19

btptc10_20 btptc10_21 btptc10_22

btptc10_23 btptc10_24 btptc10_25

btptc10_26 btptc10_27 btptc10_28

This is the day they prove they are evolving and maturing in their 10 years as a band. What a night, what a battle, it start and finish awesomely. Siapa2 yang terlepas ‘The Battle Protocol’, memang sangat rugi. Till next battle, SCTS won this battle wickedly!


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