Tariq & Wahidah (Resepsi)

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As promised, this is an update for Tariq and Wahidah’s reception that was held the next day after their solemnization.  The weather on that day was not pleasing untuk seorang jurugambar perkahwinan memulakan hari mereka. Hehe. It was cloudy. Nevertheless,  I have to start busy shooting preparation that was going on at the house and not to forget some details shots. The awesome story of an important day for the couple goes on. Hope the photos tells it all (:

tarwar10_02 tarwar10_03

tarwar10_04 tarwar10_05 tarwar10_06

tarwar10_07 tarwar10_08 tarwar10_09

tarwar10_10 tarwar10_11

tarwar10_12 tarwar10_13

tarwar10_14 tarwar10_15 tarwar10_16

tarwar10_17 tarwar10_18

tarwar10_19 tarwar10_20 tarwar10_21

tarwar10_22 tarwar10_23 tarwar10_24

Towards the afternoon, the sun slightly shining up the day. And everyone seen to have smiles on their face. I am too. Good light means good thing for a wedding photographer. Hehe. Towards the evening,  guest starts pouring in. Good food, good weather, good peoples should sums up an awesome day right! (:

tarwar10_25 tarwar10_26 tarwar10_27

tarwar10_28 tarwar10_29

tarwar10_30 tarwar10_31

tarwar10_32 tarwar10_33

tarwar10_34 tarwar10_35

tarwar10_36 tarwar10_37 tarwar10_38

tarwar10_39 tarwar10_40 tarwar10_41

tarwar10_42 tarwar10_44 tarwar10_45

tarwar10_46 tarwar10_47 tarwar10_48

There’s still more photos from this couple session. Do wait my next update on their outdoor session! Have a good month of raya everyone.


Tariq & Wahidah (Nikah)

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Alhamdulillah, this is the 2nd time i shoot my friends wedding this year. Tariq was my housemate when we studied at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia few years back. He engaged me early this year and i am pleased to shoot for a friend. Shooting at friend’s wedding is totally different experience compare to shooting a new clients/friends. Almaklumlah, kita dah tahu sikit perangai dan kehendak dorang. Hehe. Majlis akad nikah Tariq dan Wahidah dilangsungkan di rumah pengantin perempuan di Simpang Renggam, Johor. Here are few photos that i manage to document at their solemnization that night.

tarwan10_02 tarwan10_03 tarwan10_04

tarwan10_05 tarwan10_06

tarwan10_07 tarwan10_08

tarwan10_09 tarwan10_10 tarwan10_11

tarwan10_12 tarwan10_13

Majlis akad nikah berlangsung baik dengan disaksikan oleh ahli-ahli keluarga dari kedua2 belah pihak. Dengan sekali lafaz, sorang lagi kawan aku dah jadi suami orang. Majlis akad nikah tak terhenti di situ saja sebab di negeri Johor ada adat serahan (kalau tak silap). It was an intimate moment during Wahidah and her parents applying the custom. Being a wedding photographer, i did pickup some adat2 dari tempat2 yang berbeza. It is fun and satisfying experience for being a wedding photographer 🙂

tarwan10_14 tarwan10_15

tarwan10_16 tarwan10_17

tarwan10_18 tarwan10_19

tarwan10_20 tarwan10_21

tarwan10_22 tarwan10_23

tarwan10_24 tarwan10_25

Tahniah Tariq dan Wahidah! and congrat to both family. Till then, see you guys in next update, their reception!


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