Russian Circles Live in Kuala Lumpur (2010)

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24 September 2010, would be the first time Malaysian fans to be able to witness this 3 piece Chicago band. They are Russian Circles (RC), known to have energetic live shows and love to play in a very dimmed lighting conditions. They came to Malaysia with their newest album entitled ‘Geneva’ that has been released on 20 October last year. Boleh juga kalau nak kata ini adalah South East Asia Tour untuk RC.  The gig reportedly started at 8.30pm at KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center) which I myself only manage to catch them at 9pm thanks to the traffic of Kuala Lumpur.

russcl10_02 russcl10_03

russcl10_04 russcl10_05 russcl10_06

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After Mono, this gig would be the next best gig I have attend this year. Intimate yet full of energy. The comfy seats at Pentas 1 would never distract the gig head to just sit on their seats comfortably. I saw people banging on their comfy seat instead. It is an added rarest moment to this event. The possible setlist of that night would be Harper Lewis, Malko, Hexed, Carpe, Young Blood, Philos, Death Rides a Horse, Geneva with an encore of Station. With the help of good sound system and acoustic of Pentas 1, i believe everyone have a wicked night to be told, to everyone who missed it.

russcl10_12 russcl10_13

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Thanks to Soundscape Records and KittyWu Records for bringing Russian Circles to South East Asia. It was loud, satisfying night. Do come again Russian Circles!


Bon Odori (2010)

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17th of July 2010, at Panasonic Sports Complex, Bon Odori that were celebrated annually here marked its 34th year. This year is my 1st  time experiencing & documenting Bon Odori since years I miss to attend the event. Reached the stadium at about 8.30pm and the place already packed with people. Bila ada dekat situ, rasa macam dah sampai Jepun pun ada, sebab ramai yang pakai pakaian tradisional Jepun, Yukata. In Malaysia, the events were celebrated in terms of dancing. People that came to the event gathered around the main stage to dance to a list of songs with different steps.

bonodori10_02 bonodori10_03

bonodori10_04 bonodori10_05

bonodori10_06 bonodori10_07 bonodori10_08

bonodori10_09 bonodori10_10

The event ended at about 11pm. Till next year!


Hujan Vs Bunkface (2010)

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Finally, its time to some concert update. Back in July, in conjunction with KL Festival month, Hujan and Bunkface team up untuk menjayakan konsert ‘Hujan Vs Bunkface’. Berlangsung selama dua hari 10 & 11 Julai 2010 di KL Life, Kuala Lumpur, pastinya satu konsert yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh Raingers dan Bunkers. The show start with an intro as both band enter the stage. Hujan start their setlist playing Revolusi while Bunkface played Aku Skandal.

hjnbfc10_02 hjnbfc10_03

hjnbfc10_04 hjnbfc10_05 hjnbfc10_06

hjnbfc10_07 hjnbfc10_08 hjnbfc10_09

hjnbfc10_10 hjnbfc10_11

hjnbfc10_12 hjnbfc10_13

hjnbfc10_14 hjnbfc10_15

Both band take turn to perform their song. Keberangkalian setlist Hujan pada malam 10 Julai adalah Pagi yang Gelap, Kau Harus Ada, Jiwa Kelajuan, Obsesi, Dugaannya, Mencari Konklusi, Empayarmu, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada. Manakala Bunkface memainkan Bunk Anthem, Prom Queen, Soldier, Through My Window, Ekstravaganza, Escape Dance, Silly Lily. Despite the low attendance, both band memang all out for this show as they did have fun through the 2 hour show.  The show ended with Situasi and Ludah Amerika with 11 musicians on stage. Changing guitar, bass, and drums, a rare moment to be seen in a concert.

hjnbfc10_16 hjnbfc10_17

hjnbfc10_18 hjnbfc10_19 hjnbfc10_20

hjnbfc10_21 hjnbfc10_22

hjnbfc10_23 hjnbfc10_24 hjnbfc10_25

hjnbfc10_26 hjnbfc10_27

hjnbfc10_28 hjnbfc10_29

It was an awesome night to the fans and to Malaysian music industry itself. Kudos to all (lighting was great too). Kalau rasa macam rugi sebab tak attend konsert ni, boleh beli DVD yang khabarnya akan release dalam masa terdekat ni. Till then, keep Malaysian music industry alive! and healthy!


Tariq & Wahidah (Bertandang)

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Last entry for Tariq & Wahidah session. Sesi kali ini ke Banting untuk majlis bertandang atau resepsi di sebelah pihak lelaki. Start off their session with shooting during make up and few detail shoots. Lepas tu buat sesi potret ringkas sebelum pengantin lelaki dan pengantin perempuan berarak ke rumah pengantin lelaki.

tarwab10_02 tarwab10_03

tarwab10_04 tarwab10_05

tarwab10_07 tarwab10_06

tarwab10_08 tarwab10_09

tarwab10_10 tarwab10_11 tarwab10_12

tarwab10_13 tarwab10_14

tarwab10_15 tarwab10_16

Majlis berlangsung sederhana dan tetamu tak putus-putus tiba di rumah pengantin lelaki. Majlis meriah dihadiri dengan jiran-jiran dan kawan-kawan.

tarwab10_17 tarwab10_18

tarwab10_19 tarwab10_20 tarwab10_21

tarwab10_22 tarwab10_23 tarwab10_24

tarwab10_25 tarwab10_26

tarwab10_27 tarwab10_28

Simple reception but tons of laugh. A good day spend. Thanks Tariq & Wahidah for putting your trust hiring AzamHashim Photography as your photographer. Selamat Pengantin Baru!


Tariq & Wahidah (Outdoor)

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This will be their last entry for their sessions in Simpang Renggam, Johor. Late evening after their reception, we head off to shoot some outdoor portraiture. We had few locations in mind for this outdoor session but at last we decided to shoot at a railway station instead. As far as i remembered, this was my first time shooting wedding portraiture at a railway station. This would be fun.

tarwao10_02 tarwao10_03 tarwao10_04

tarwao10_05 tarwao10_06 tarwao10_07

tarwao10_08 tarwao10_09 tarwao10_10

tarwao10_11 tarwao10_12

tarwao10_13 tarwao10_14

tarwao10_15 tarwao10_16

Oleh kerana hari pun dah nak sedikit lewat, we hurried up to shoot as much as we can before the sun goes down and the availability light gets very low. Nasib baik pengantin masih sporting nak posing walaupun dah lewat petang. Kudos! Terima kasih juga pada kawan-kawan Wahidah yang sudi turut serta. Meriah sikit sesi tu kalau ramai. Hehe. And I did have fun shooting at a railway station! (:


tarwao10_19 tarwao10_20

tarwao10_21 tarwao10_22

tarwao10_23 tarwao10_24 tarwao10_25

tarwao10_26 tarwao10_27

Next entry would be majlis bertandang pihak lelaki. Tunggu!


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