Bon Odori (2010)

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17th of July 2010, at Panasonic Sports Complex, Bon Odori that were celebrated annually here marked its 34th year. This year is my 1st  time experiencing & documenting Bon Odori since years I miss to attend the event. Reached the stadium at about 8.30pm and the place already packed with people. Bila ada dekat situ, rasa macam dah sampai Jepun pun ada, sebab ramai yang pakai pakaian tradisional Jepun, Yukata. In Malaysia, the events were celebrated in terms of dancing. People that came to the event gathered around the main stage to dance to a list of songs with different steps.

bonodori10_02 bonodori10_03

bonodori10_04 bonodori10_05

bonodori10_06 bonodori10_07 bonodori10_08

bonodori10_09 bonodori10_10

The event ended at about 11pm. Till next year!



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