Russian Circles Live in Kuala Lumpur (2010)

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24 September 2010, would be the first time Malaysian fans to be able to witness this 3 piece Chicago band. They are Russian Circles (RC), known to have energetic live shows and love to play in a very dimmed lighting conditions. They came to Malaysia with their newest album entitled ‘Geneva’ that has been released on 20 October last year. Boleh juga kalau nak kata ini adalah South East Asia Tour untuk RC.  The gig reportedly started at 8.30pm at KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center) which I myself only manage to catch them at 9pm thanks to the traffic of Kuala Lumpur.

russcl10_02 russcl10_03

russcl10_04 russcl10_05 russcl10_06

russcl10_07 russcl10_08 russcl10_09

russcl10_10 russcl10_11

After Mono, this gig would be the next best gig I have attend this year. Intimate yet full of energy. The comfy seats at Pentas 1 would never distract the gig head to just sit on their seats comfortably. I saw people banging on their comfy seat instead. It is an added rarest moment to this event. The possible setlist of that night would be Harper Lewis, Malko, Hexed, Carpe, Young Blood, Philos, Death Rides a Horse, Geneva with an encore of Station. With the help of good sound system and acoustic of Pentas 1, i believe everyone have a wicked night to be told, to everyone who missed it.

russcl10_12 russcl10_13

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Thanks to Soundscape Records and KittyWu Records for bringing Russian Circles to South East Asia. It was loud, satisfying night. Do come again Russian Circles!



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