Tariq & Wahidah (Outdoor)

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This will be their last entry for their sessions in Simpang Renggam, Johor. Late evening after their reception, we head off to shoot some outdoor portraiture. We had few locations in mind for this outdoor session but at last we decided to shoot at a railway station instead. As far as i remembered, this was my first time shooting wedding portraiture at a railway station. This would be fun.

tarwao10_02 tarwao10_03 tarwao10_04

tarwao10_05 tarwao10_06 tarwao10_07

tarwao10_08 tarwao10_09 tarwao10_10

tarwao10_11 tarwao10_12

tarwao10_13 tarwao10_14

tarwao10_15 tarwao10_16

Oleh kerana hari pun dah nak sedikit lewat, we hurried up to shoot as much as we can before the sun goes down and the availability light gets very low. Nasib baik pengantin masih sporting nak posing walaupun dah lewat petang. Kudos! Terima kasih juga pada kawan-kawan Wahidah yang sudi turut serta. Meriah sikit sesi tu kalau ramai. Hehe. And I did have fun shooting at a railway station! (:


tarwao10_19 tarwao10_20

tarwao10_21 tarwao10_22

tarwao10_23 tarwao10_24 tarwao10_25

tarwao10_26 tarwao10_27

Next entry would be majlis bertandang pihak lelaki. Tunggu!



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