Hairi & Wawa (Resepsi)

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Hairi and Wawa hold their reception the next day after their solemnization. It was a hot day and is all good to hold a reception. Jurugambar pengantin ni reach Cheras at about 11 am and the make up session are already on going. Manage to shoot few ring shots and few portrait for the newly wed before their reception. Hairi and Wawa were more friendly and calm in front of the camera today. I just love this couple because dorang memang tak segan silu dan rajin di depan kamera. Thanks guys for being such a good sport. Semangat kesukanan (sporting) korang memang terbaik! hehe

herywas10_02 herywas10_03

herywas10_04 herywas10_05 herywas10_06

herywas10_07 herywas10_08 herywas10_09

herywas10_10 herywas10_11 herywas10_12

herywas10_13 herywas10_14

At about 2pm, the newly wed arrived at Dewan Orang Ramai Taman Desa Baiduri where they hold their reception. I guess white and pink are the color theme for the day. The reception went well, good food, great family and friends and not to forget, great pengantin too.

herywas10_15 herywas10_16 herywas10_17

herywas10_18 herywas10_19

herywas10_20 herywas10_21 herywas10_22

herywas10_23 herywas10_24 herywas10_25

herywas10_26 herywas10_27 herywas10_28

herywas10_29 herywas10_30 herywas10_31

herywas10_32 herywas10_33

herywas10_34 herywas10_35

herywas10_36 herywas10_37 herywas10_38

I’ll be posting their outdoor session in my next entry. Watch this space regularly for the update.  (:


Hairi & Wawa (Nikah)

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The first entry for the newly wed, Hairi and Wawa. It is their solemnization day held in Cheras. Wawa approach me earlier this year to be her wedding photographer through the a social network site, Facebook. And i did not remember either her or her twin sister who discover my facebook first. But anyway, one of them are getting married and i am hired to be the photographer to document the day. Hehe. Masa berlalu dan hari yang ditunggu-tunggu telah pun tiba. Jadi, berikut adalah gambar-gambar di sekitar majlis akad nikah this lovely couple.

herywan10_02 herywan10_03 herywan10_04

herywan10_05 herywan10_06 herywan10_07

herywan10_08 herywan10_09

herywan10_10 herywan10_11 herywan10_12

herywan10_13 herywan10_14 herywan10_15

herywan10_16 herywan10_17 herywan10_18

herywan10_19 herywan10_20

I arrive early i guess, since i got out early for making sure not to get lost or caught in the traffic. To be able to have spend more time taking preparation photos and details shoot are all worthy. I love the effort of the sisters to provide details, so that I am able to shoot few details shoot and I am enjoying it. Majlis akad nikah berlangsung sederhana di saksikan oleh kedua-dua belah keluarga.

herywan10_22 herywan10_21

herywan10_23 herywan10_24 herywan10_25

herywan10_26 herywan10_27 herywan10_28

herywan10_29 herywan10_30

herywan10_31 herywan10_32

herywan10_33 herywan10_34

herywan10_35 herywan10_36

herywan10_37 herywan10_38 herywan10_39

Selamat pengantin baru Hairi & Wawa. Tunggu entry majlis resepsi mereka yang berlangsung sehari kemudian (:


Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur (2010)

concert — admin on December 14, 2010 at 3:19 am


Almost two months ago, exactly 19 Oct 2010;  American pop punk band finally meet face to face with their Malaysian fans. It took them about 6 years to finally have a concert here in Malaysia. and with the help of Tune Talk, Fatboys Records and other organizer, they finally here and with their newest album titled Brand New Eyes. The concert open by local masked punk rock band, Y2k. I haven’t heard them for years, tiba-tiba muncul dan mengecewakan lots and lots of local Paramore-oriented band to open the stage that night. 9pm, when it all begins. Paramore open their first concert in Malaysia with Ignorance (2nd track from Brand New Eyes) behind a curtain. It goes full blast after the curtain fall off and with strong 8000 crowd, Bukit Jalil Stadium had the most loudest night (of the entire week?).

paramoreKL10_02 paramoreKL10_03

paramoreKL10_04 paramoreKL10_05

paramoreKL10_06 paramoreKL10_07

paramoreKL10_08 paramoreKL10_09 paramoreKL10_10

paramoreKL10_11 paramoreKL10_12

paramoreKL10_13 paramoreKL10_14

The photo pit just as crowded as the Rockzone. And with all the fact that i had read about how to photograph this band were all true facts. Photographing the energetic Hayley was the most fun of the night. And to be able to witness and photograph the famous Hayley hair whip is another thing. Wicked night! haha. Paramore perform 8 first songs in electric set before they performed 4 song in an acoustic set. The first electric set was electrifying satisfying Malaysian fans with songs like Feeling Sorry, That’s What You Get, For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic, Emergency, Playing God, Careful, and Decode.

Acoustic set started on a white couch (that they brought up from backstage) with Never Let This Go, When It Rains, Where The Lines Overlap, and ended with Misguided Ghosts with a power cut (was it?) leaving the crowd singing a long to the song. Macam koir pun ada. (: Pressure, build up the 2nd electric set and i guess everyone had already enjoying the night with a louder sing along. Next, the band played Looking Up with a lighter up in the moment and ended with The Only Exception before off the stage of almost 2 hours set.

paramoreKL10_15 paramoreKL10_16 paramoreKL10_17

paramoreKL10_18 paramoreKL10_19 paramoreKL10_20

paramoreKL10_21 paramoreKL10_22

paramoreKL10_23 paramoreKL10_24 paramoreKL10_25

paramoreKL10_26 paramoreKL10_27

paramoreKL10_28 paramoreKL10_29

With the strong cheer from the crowds for wanting an encore. They band get back on stage to play blasting 2 song of Brick By Boring Brick and Misery Business. Ended with flying confetti and satisfaction were written all over the face whoever that came.


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Fazrul & Mai (Outdoor)

wedding — admin on December 10, 2010 at 3:54 am


This will the last entry of Fazrul and Mai’s wedding documentation. It was an enjoying moments working with this two. This entry is their outdoor session in Seremban. The session was shot in few places in Seremban. First stop, we manage to shot in a school nearby dengan rumah pengantin. It was fun to shoot in new surroundings. Below are photos that we manage to shoot while we were there.

fazmaiso10_10 fazmaiso10_11

fazmaiso10_12 fazmaiso10_13

fazmaiso10_14 fazmaiso10_15 fazmaiso10_16

fazmaiso10_17 fazmaiso10_18

fazmaiso10_19 fazmaiso10_20 fazmaiso10_21

Next stop, we shoot at an old building. Yang bestnya warna bangunan ni putih, memang kena sangat dengan baju pengantin. We spend a while there and after we off to the last stop, Muzium Negeri Sembilan. Spend few minutes there as it was already late. Muzium pun dah nak tutup.

fazmaiso10_22 fazmaiso10_23 fazmaiso10_24

fazmaiso10_25 fazmaiso10_26 fazmaiso10_27

fazmaiso10_28 fazmaiso10_29 fazmaiso10_30

fazmaiso10_31 fazmaiso10_32

fazmaiso10_33 fazmaiso10_34 fazmaiso10_35

fazmaiso10_36 fazmaiso10_37

fazmaiso10_38 fazmaiso10_39 fazmaiso10_40

Selamat Pengantin Baru buat Fazrul dan Mai. Moga bahagia ke anak cucu. Kalau perlukan photographer, jangan segan-segan contact. (:


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