Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur (2010)

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Almost two months ago, exactly 19 Oct 2010;  American pop punk band finally meet face to face with their Malaysian fans. It took them about 6 years to finally have a concert here in Malaysia. and with the help of Tune Talk, Fatboys Records and other organizer, they finally here and with their newest album titled Brand New Eyes. The concert open by local masked punk rock band, Y2k. I haven’t heard them for years, tiba-tiba muncul dan mengecewakan lots and lots of local Paramore-oriented band to open the stage that night. 9pm, when it all begins. Paramore open their first concert in Malaysia with Ignorance (2nd track from Brand New Eyes) behind a curtain. It goes full blast after the curtain fall off and with strong 8000 crowd, Bukit Jalil Stadium had the most loudest night (of the entire week?).

paramoreKL10_02 paramoreKL10_03

paramoreKL10_04 paramoreKL10_05

paramoreKL10_06 paramoreKL10_07

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The photo pit just as crowded as the Rockzone. And with all the fact that i had read about how to photograph this band were all true facts. Photographing the energetic Hayley was the most fun of the night. And to be able to witness and photograph the famous Hayley hair whip is another thing. Wicked night! haha. Paramore perform 8 first songs in electric set before they performed 4 song in an acoustic set. The first electric set was electrifying satisfying Malaysian fans with songs like Feeling Sorry, That’s What You Get, For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic, Emergency, Playing God, Careful, and Decode.

Acoustic set started on a white couch (that they brought up from backstage) with Never Let This Go, When It Rains, Where The Lines Overlap, and ended with Misguided Ghosts with a power cut (was it?) leaving the crowd singing a long to the song. Macam koir pun ada. (: Pressure, build up the 2nd electric set and i guess everyone had already enjoying the night with a louder sing along. Next, the band played Looking Up with a lighter up in the moment and ended with The Only Exception before off the stage of almost 2 hours set.

paramoreKL10_15 paramoreKL10_16 paramoreKL10_17

paramoreKL10_18 paramoreKL10_19 paramoreKL10_20

paramoreKL10_21 paramoreKL10_22

paramoreKL10_23 paramoreKL10_24 paramoreKL10_25

paramoreKL10_26 paramoreKL10_27

paramoreKL10_28 paramoreKL10_29

With the strong cheer from the crowds for wanting an encore. They band get back on stage to play blasting 2 song of Brick By Boring Brick and Misery Business. Ended with flying confetti and satisfaction were written all over the face whoever that came.


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  1. Love ur live music photos. If you dont mind, boleh share macam mana nak dapatkan photographer pass? Thank you. Keep on shooting! 🙂

    Comment by afiq — December 24, 2010 @ 12:14 pm
  2. salam afiq,

    thanks for stopping by.

    Comment by admin — December 27, 2010 @ 2:00 am

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