Hairi & Wawa (Outdoor)

wedding — admin on January 3, 2011 at 3:16 am


This will be the last entry for this ‘camera friendly’ couple, Hairi and Wawa. Thanks for putting the trust in AzamHashim Photography to document korang punya wedding. This outdoor session was taken in two different places because of the raining season (at the time when we hold the session). But nevertheless, luckily we able to document few lovely photos during their outdoor session. So, here’s are the output that we manage to produce

herwao10_02 herwao10_03 herwao10_04

herwao10_05 herwao10_06

herwao10_07 herwao10_08 herwao10_09

herwao10_10 herwao10_11 herwao10_12

herwao10_13 herwao10_14

herwao10_15 herwao10_16

herwao10_17 herwao10_18 herwao10_19

herwao10_20 herwao10_21 herwao10_22

Selamat pengantin baru buat Hairi & Wawa. Cepat-cepat dapat baby, nanti kita shoot bertiga pula… (:



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