Ismail & Liny (Outdoor)

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Dah lost count entri keberapa dah untuk Ismail & Liny. Hehe. This is their outdoor session that we shoot after their reception. We manage to shoot at Titi Semeling although it was raining while we are on our way to reach there. We were much fortunate to be able to hold on to the session. Alhamdulillah. Macam sesi-sesi sebelum ni untuk Ismail & Liny, I was assist by the young talented Nizam Bakar. Thanks sudi melibatkan diri dalam kerja-kerja mendokumentasi perkahwinan Ismail & Liny. Letih tak Nizam? hehe

maliosp10_02 maliosp10_03 maliosp10_04

maliosp10_05 maliosp10_06

maliosp10_07 maliosp10_08 maliosp10_09

maliosp10_10 maliosp10_11 maliosp10_12

maliosp10_13 maliosp10_14 maliosp10_15

The couple actually memang dah penat nak layan jurugambar perkahwinan dorang ni. Tapi tabik la sebab still standing walaupun dah macam letih nak senyum. Hehe. Tabik! This was my first time buat outdoor dekat Titi Semeling ni, rupa-rupanya Titi Semeling ni memang tempat popular wedding photographer buat outdoor. Kalau tak silap ada sedozen juga pasangan pengantin tengah menjalani sesi outdoor masa shoot dekat sini. Hehe. So, here are the rest of the photos. Enjoy!

maliosp10_17 maliosp10_18

maliosp10_19 maliosp10_20

maliosp10_21 maliosp10_22

maliosp10_23 maliosp10_24

maliosp10_25 maliosp10_26 maliosp10_27

maliosp10_28 maliosp10_29

maliosp10_30 maliosp10_31

We still have few entry for this couple. Their bertandang session will be my next entry. Tunggu! (:



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