Ismail & Liny (Outdoor)

wedding — admin on January 17, 2011 at 2:59 am


After their akad nikah, we decide to do some outdoor portrait. Sky was dark and cloudy at that time, so we decide to do at a nearby place. Ismail & Liny was shy at the beginning, but in the in the they pretty nailed it. Their cooperative commitment  was a big help for the session. Salute! So here are some of the photos we manage to produce.

malino10_02 malino10_03

malino10_04 malino10_05

malino10_06 malino10_07

malino10_08 malino10_09

malino10_10 malino10_11

malino10_12 malino10_13 malino10_14

malino10_15 malino10_16

malino10_17 malino10_18

Not in the picture was pengapit and saudara Nizam. Thanks for the assist and location suggestion! Stay tune for their next entry (:



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