Ismail & Liny (Nikah)

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This assignment had brought me back to Sungai Petani. A place that are so significant to a bride, Liny; because this is day she will walk into a new phase of life. And Azam Hashim Photography had been given the opportunity to document her wedding with Ismail or also known as Mael. (: Liny engage me to be her wedding photographer in the middle of 2010. To my surprise, rupa-rupanya Liny dah lama ikut perkembangan blog ni dan juga hampir-hampir hire AzamHashim Photography for engagement a year before. Kalau dah rezeki, tak kemana kan? hehe. Thanks Mael and Liny for putting the trust.

malin10_02 malin10_03

malin10_04 malin10_05 malin10_06

malin10_07 malin10_08 malin10_09

malin10_10 malin10_11

malin10_12 malin10_13

Majlis berlangsung selepas solat Jumaat di Masjid Al Muttaqin, Taman Ria. Disaksikan sanak-saudara kedua-dua belah pihak, Ismail dengan tenang melafazkan akad pada petang itu. Sekali gus, they are now happily husband and wife. And I was accompany by saudara Nizam Bakar yang sudi bersama-sama merakam majlis ni. Terima kasih Nizam sudi assist. Hehe.

malin10_14 malin10_15

malin10_16 malin10_17

malin10_18 malin10_19

malin10_20 malin10_21

malin10_22 malin10_23

malin10_24 malin10_25 malin10_26

This is a start of a long series of this couple. Stay tune for next update! Jadi jurugambar perkahwinan Kedah lah pula lepas ni … hehe



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