Ismail & Liny (Outdoor)

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This will be the my last entry for Ismail & Liny. It was been a pleasure to document this two. I spend 5 day with them shooting for their big day, their new phase in life. I hope I did touch their heart with this photos and they can remembered each moment i recorded in years to come. To Mael & Liny, thanks for the opportunity you guys gave me and thanks for being a good sport. Without effort yang you guys gave me, it would be a tough job. Hehe. So, here a session that we did after their reception in Kuala Krai. Yup, i’m now the jurugambar perkahwinan Kelantan. Hehe.

malikto10_02 malikto10_03 malikto10_04

malikto10_05 malikto10_06 malikto10_07

malikto10_08 malikto10_09

malikto10_10 malikto10_11

malikto10_12 malikto10_13

malikto10_14 malikto10_15

malikto10_16 malikto10_17

It was a two session, one after their reception. and the other one is an impromptu session we did before i left for Kuala Lumpur. It’s a car session photoshoot. Hehe.

malikto10_18 malikto10_19

malikto10_20 malikto10_21

malikto10_22 malikto10_23

malikto10_24 malikto10_25

Again, thanks Mael & Liny. Selamat Pengantin Baru! (:


Ismail & Liny (Bertandang)

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This is an entry for Ismail and Liny’ s reception in Kuala Krai, Kelantan. Despite the uncertain weather and it was musim banjir in Kelantan, the event went well with pretty nice weather. Majlis bertandang di Kuala Krai berlansung dengan penuh sederhana. Small event but big family with big warm heart and smiles. Rasanya ni kali pertama photographer makan 3 kali tambah di majlis kenduri. Sampai je rumah pengantin, dah dijemput makan. I told you, they treat me as family. Hehe. Terima kasih diucapkan dengan layanan yang diberi (: So, here’s are some photos that i manageĀ  to capture during the day.

maliskk10_02 maliskk10_03

maliskk10_04 maliskk10_05

maliskk10_06 maliskk10_07

maliskk10_08 maliskk10_09

maliskk10_10 maliskk10_11

maliskk10_12 maliskk10_13

maliskk10_14 maliskk10_15

Thanks again. Tinggal satu je lagi entry untuk Ismail & Liny. Stay tune!


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