Azmir & Wani (Outdoor)

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Here’s the photos from a session I had with Azmir & Wani after their reception. After a few portrait snap at Wani house, we head to a new location, Azmir house, also in Seremban. We spend some time to shoot at a garden nearby, and we did have fun with the bicycle shoots. Hehe. So, here’s are the photos from the session. Enjoy!

azwao11_02 azwao11_03 azwao11_04

azwao11_05 azwao11_06 azwao11_07

azwao11_08 azwao11_09

azwao11_10 azwao11_11 azwao11_12

azwao11_13 azwao11_14

azwao11_15 azwao11_16 azwao11_17

I had to thanks this two, Azmir & Wani; for being awesome for the entire day. It was a great pleasure to work with this two as they were so co-operative. Salute!

azwao11_18 azwao11_19

azwao11_20 azwao11_21 azwao11_22

azwao11_23 azwao11_24 azwao11_25

azwao11_26 azwao11_27 azwao11_28

azwao11_29 azwao11_30 azwao11_31

azwao11_32 azwao11_33 azwao11_34

Ini entry terakhir tugasan saya bersama Azmir & Wani dan sebagai jurugambar perkahwinan seremban. hehe. Terima kasih sekali lagi kerana memberi kepercayaan kepada AzamHashim Photography untuk merakam hari perkahwinan Azmir & Wani. Terima kasih dan Selamat Pengantin Baru!


Azmir & Wani (Reception)

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This is Azmir & Wani 2nd entry. Tugasan saya sebagai jurugambar perkahwinan Negeri Sembilan di terusan di bandar Seremban. This is their reception, happen on the 1st day of 2011. And the theme color selected by the bride and groom is pink and choco. It surely bring up the mood for the day. So here are the photos I manage to document, it is one beautiful event. Enjoy!

azwas11_02 azwas11_03 azwas11_04

azwas11_05 azwas11_06 azwas11_07

azwas11_08 azwas11_09 azwas11_10

azwas11_11 azwas11_12

azwas11_13 azwas11_14 azwas11_15

azwas11_16 azwas11_17

azwas11_18 azwas11_19 azwas11_20

azwas11_21 azwas11_22

azwas11_23 azwas11_24 azwas11_25

azwas11_26 azwas11_27

azwas11_28 azwas11_29 azwas11_30

I did enjoy photographing this wedding. A lot of thing to shoot, I seriously went mad shooting details. Hehe. With a lot of familiar people, my camera are more friendly to them. Hehe. The weather were forgiving, and it was a hot day, fitted with the event of the day. Meriah, that’s the word to sum up or describe the event. Hence the many photos uploaded here. Hehe

azwas11_31 azwas11_32

azwas11_33 azwas11_34 azwas11_35

azwas11_36 azwas11_37

azwas11_38 azwas11_39

azwas11_41 azwas11_42

azwas11_43 azwas11_44 azwas11_45

azwas11_46 azwas11_47 azwas11_48

azwas11_49 azwas11_50

azwas11_51 azwas11_52 azwas11_53

azwas11_54 azwas11_55

azwas11_56 azwas11_57

azwas11_58 azwas11_59

azwas11_60 azwas11_61

Yup, there is still an entry waiting for this couple. Wait for their portrait session, it is next!


Azmir & Wani (Solemnization)

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This assignment brought me back to Seremban. To the same town, the same house and the same familiar people I’ve document before. Because I was assign to document Azmir and Wani’s solemnization, and Wani is a little sister to Fazrul (that I’ve document his wedding a while back). So here are the photo stories that I’ve able to document during the night.

azwan10_02 azwan10_03

azwan10_04 azwan10_05 azwan10_06

azwan10_07 azwan10_08 azwan10_09

azwan10_10 azwan10_11 azwan10_12

azwan10_13 azwan10_14 azwan10_15

azwan10_16 azwan10_17

The nikah ceremony went smooth with lots and lots of smiles and laughs. Yea, I mean lots. I even have to squeeze myself to get from one angle to another.  Hehe. And this was my first time i ate a very different set of nasi kenduri. A specialty lauk that night. Nama lauk tu pun dah tak ingat. Hehe

azwan10_18 azwan10_19

azwan10_20 azwan10_21

azwan10_22 azwan10_23

azwan10_24 azwan10_25

azwan10_26 azwan10_27 azwan10_28

azwan10_29 azwan10_30 azwan10_31

azwan10_32 azwan10_33

azwan10_34 azwan10_35 azwan10_36

Wait for another set of their photos. Their reception photo is next!


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