Thaipusam (2011)

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This is very late entry for my Thaipusam’s documentation for the year 2011. This year I already planned to go out early and document the event before the sun rises, but unfortunately, I did not manage to get off bed as early as planned. So, there goes my plan. Hehe. Then I decided to shoot this year Thaipusam with a little bit of light play. So, here my few takes for this year Thaipusam, shoot in Batu Caves. Enjoy!

thaipusam11_02 thaipusam11_03 thaipusam11_04

thaipusam11_05 thaipusam11_06 thaipusam11_07

thaipusam11_08 thaipusam11_09

thaipusam11_10 thaipusam11_11 thaipusam11_12

thaipusam11_13 thaipusam11_14

thaipusam11_15 thaipusam11_16 thaipusam11_17

thaipusam11_18 thaipusam11_19

Hopefully, I manage to wake up early next year!


Rock The World 10 (2010)

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Grey Sky Morning

rtw10_02 rtw10_03

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob

rtw10_04 rtw10_05

Kyoto Protocol

rtw10_06 rtw10_07 rtw10_08

Massacre Conspiracy

rtw10_09 rtw10_10

Hello, is this the band?

rtw10_11 rtw10_12 rtw10_13

Azlan & The Typewriter

rtw10_14 rtw10_15

Free Deserters

rtw10_16 rtw10_17 rtw10_18

Bleeding Mascara

rtw10_19 rtw10_20

An Honest Mistake

rtw10_21 rtw10_22 rtw10_23

Republic of Brickfields

rtw10_24 rtw10_25 rtw10_26

Car Crash Hearts

rtw10_27 rtw10_28 rtw10_29

Pop Shuvit

rtw10_30 rtw10_31


rtw10_32 rtw10_33 rtw10_34

Lab the Rat

rtw10_35 rtw10_36

They Will Kill Us All

rtw10_37 rtw10_38 rtw10_39


rtw10_40 rtw10_41 rtw10_42




rtw10_45 rtw10_46 rtw10_47

Love Me Butch


Fazli & Nad (Outdoor)

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My last session with Fazli & Nad would be their outdoor session in Pontian, Johor. We are lucky to have a good weather during the session. The session went well and we manage to capture a quick sunset moment. I have to thanks this couple for being awesome despite the long hour of standing and smiling. Hehe. They are very camera friendly. (: So, here are the photos that we manage to portrait during this session. Enjoy!

faznao11_02 faznao11_03 faznao11_04

faznao11_05 faznao11_06 faznao11_07

faznao11_08 faznao11_09 faznao11_10

faznao11_11 faznao11_12

faznao11_13 faznao11_14 faznao11_15

faznao11_16 faznao11_17

faznao11_18 faznao11_19 faznao11_20

faznao11_21 faznao11_22

faznao11_23 faznao11_24 faznao11_25

faznao11_26 faznao11_27 faznao11_28

faznao11_29 faznao11_30

faznao11_31 faznao11_32 faznao11_33

faznao11_34 faznao11_35

faznao11_36 faznao11_37 faznao11_38

faznao11_39 faznao11_40

faznao11_41 faznao11_42 faznao11_43

I would like to thank Fazli & Nad for inviting Azam Hashim photography to Simpang Renggam, Johor to document their weddings. Thanks for being a good host. I enjoy working with you both! Thanks and thanks! (:


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