Chinese New Year (2011)

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This is a very late entry. I am busy with wedding photography this few months and pending this year Chinese new year celebration update. This year, 2011, I’m shooting at the same, Thean Hou Temple, here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But it differ this time because I came at the actual 1st day of the new year. Stay few hours there, tried to shoot on different angle and approach this year. I think I did not do that well this year. But anyways, here is what i shot during the day.

cny11_02 cny11_03 cny11_04

cny11_05 cny11_06

cny11_07 cny11_08

cny11_09 cny11_10 cny11_11

cny11_12 cny11_13

cny11_14 cny11_15

cny11_16 cny11_17 cny11_18

cny11_19 cny11_20

cny11_21 cny11_22

cny11_23 cny11_24 cny11_25

Till next year! We’ll see more reds! (:



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