Shahril & Aainaa (Reception)

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So here it goes, another entry for Shahril & Aainaa. This is their dinner reception at the famous Duchess Place. I once again are lucky enough to be part of this occasion, much thanks to Aleng, Shahril, Aainaa and both family. It was a good night documenting you both at your beautiful wedding. Enjoy the photos.

shanias11_02 shanias11_03

shanias11_04 shanias11_05 shanias11_06

shanias11_07 shanias11_08

shanias11_09 shanias11_10 shanias11_11

shanias11_12 shanias11_13 shanias11_14

shanias11_15 shanias11_16 shanias11_17

shanias11_18 shanias11_19 shanias11_20

shanias11_23 shanias11_24 shanias11_25

shanias11_26 shanias11_27 shanias11_28

shanias11_21 shanias11_22

shanias11_29 shanias11_30

shanias11_31 shanias11_32

shanias11_33 shanias11_34 shanias11_35

shanias11_36 shanias11_37 shanias11_38

shanias11_39 shanias11_40

shanias11_41 shanias11_42 shanias11_43

shanias11_44 shanias11_45

shanias11_46 shanias11_47 shanias11_48

shanias11_49 shanias11_50 shanias11_51

shanias11_52 shanias11_53 shanias11_54

shanias11_55 shanias11_56

shanias11_57 shanias11_58 shanias11_59

The official wedding photographer is The Wedding Diaries (Syahrin Aziz), official videography is, MUA by Aleng Tohara, Wedding dress by Baharim. As for me, I am a photographer shoots for Aleng Tohara.



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