Yasrul & Najiha (Outdoor, Sungai Petani)

wedding — admin on August 8, 2011 at 4:45 am


This is their last entry. It’s been a pleasure working with this two, Yasrul and Najiha. Hehe. It rain after their reception and we are much fortunate to be able to hold another outdoor session here in Sungai Petani. The sky is a bit overcast later that evening. And available light is not too available for me to enjoy the session. But nevertheless, we manage to document few photos. Sebagai jurugambar perkahwinan Sungai Petani sementara, I present you the photos. Hehe. Enjoy!

yasnaob11_02 yasnaob11_03 yasnaob11_04

yasnaob11_05 yasnaob11_06

yasnaob11_07 yasnaob11_08 yasnaob11_09

yasnaob11_10 yasnaob11_11

yasnaob11_12 yasnaob11_14 yasnaob11_13

yasnaob11_15 yasnaob11_16

yasnaob11_19 yasnaob11_20 yasnaob11_21

yasnaob11_17 yasnaob11_18

yasnaob11_22 yasnaob11_23 yasnaob11_24

yasnaob11_25 yasnaob11_26 yasnaob11_27

yasnaob11_28 yasnaob11_29

yasnaob11_30 yasnaob11_31 yasnaob11_32

Thanks Yasrul & Najiha or Aco and Gha for being so cooperative during the photo-making. Selamat Pengantin Baru orang Sungai Petani!


Yasrul & Najiha (Bertandang, Sungai Petani)

wedding — admin on August 2, 2011 at 3:11 am


Here is their Majlis Bertandang the day after their reception. Purple is the theme color for the day. Alhamdulillah, weather in Sungai Petani are sunny in the afternoon and it is to document wedding.

yasnab11_02 yasnab11_03 yasnab11_04

yasnab11_05 yasnab11_06

yasnab11_07 yasnab11_08

yasnab11_09 yasnab11_10 yasnab11_11

yasnab11_12 yasnab11_13 yasnab11_14

yasnab11_15 yasnab11_16 yasnab11_17

yasnab11_18 yasnab11_19

yasnab11_20 yasnab11_21

yasnab11_22 yasnab11_23

yasnab11_24 yasnab11_25 yasnab11_26

yasnab11_27 yasnab11_28

yasnab11_29 yasnab11_30

yasnab11_31 yasnab11_32 yasnab11_33

My asssignment as wedding photographer in Sungai Petani is yet to finish. Their outdoor session entry is next.


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