Ramzee & Lynn (Resepsi, Putrajaya)

wedding — admin on September 25, 2011 at 1:53 am


This entry was shoot in Botanical Garden (Taman Botani), Putrajaya. It was my first wedding shoot here this lovely place. It was the reception of Ramzee & Lynn, and i was tagging along Khairil Mustafa. It was a lovely day, fine weather, breezy, nice details, and all this make up one fine setting to hold a wedding. Enjoy the wedding photos from the day!

ramlyr11_02 ramlyr11_03 ramlyr11_04

ramlyr11_05 ramlyr11_06 ramlyr11_07

ramlyr11_08 ramlyr11_09 ramlyr11_10

ramlyr11_11 ramlyr11_12

ramlyr11_13 ramlyr11_14 ramlyr11_15

ramlyr11_16 ramlyr11_17

ramlyr11_18 ramlyr11_19

ramlyr11_20 ramlyr11_21 ramlyr11_22

ramlyr11_23 ramlyr11_24

ramlyr11_25 ramlyr11_26

ramlyr11_27 ramlyr11_28

ramlyr11_29 ramlyr11_30 ramlyr11_31

ramlyr11_32 ramlyr11_33 ramlyr11_34

ramlyr11_35 ramlyr11_38

Congrats to both Ramzee & Lynn and thanks Khairil for inviting AzamHashim Photography to squeeze in.



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