Misha Birthday (Semenyih)

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This entry is officially AzamHashim Photography’s 1st job, shooting birthday! Yeay! It was Misha first birthday party and I was fortunate to be part of the event. Get this job through a recommendation from kak Jojet as kak Mai was looking for a photographer for the event. Thanks kak Jojet for promoting AzamHashim Photography! And thanks kak Mai for having me to be of Misha first birthday party. Hehe. The theme for the day is Disney, the magical kingdom (tu pun kalau tak silap lah.. ehehe). I really love shooting colors. It does build up the mood of the birthday party. I can see people did have fun during the party. Here are the rest of the photos I’ve document on that day.

misone11_02 misone11_03

misone11_04 misone11_05

misone11_06 misone11_07

misone11_08 misone11_09

misone11_10 misone11_11 misone11_12

misone11_13 misone11_14

misone11_15 misone11_16

misone11_17 misone11_18

misone11_19 misone11_20 misone11_21

misone11_22 misone11_23

misone11_24 misone11_25

misone11_26 misone11_27

misone11_28 misone11_29

misone11_30 misone11_31

misone11_32 misone11_33

misone11_34 misone11_35

misone11_36 misone11_37

misone11_38 misone11_39

misone11_40 misone11_41 misone11_42

misone11_43 misone11_44 misone11_45

misone11_46 misone11_47

misone11_48 misone11_49

I did have fun shooting this! I would love to shoot more colorful birthday parties! Hire me! And happy belated birthday little cute Misha! (:



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