Farhan & Atiqah (Outdoor, Melaka)

wedding — admin on November 9, 2011 at 3:59 am


This would be the last entry for Farhan & Atiqah. AzamHashim Photography would love to come back to Ayer Keroh Melaka to shoot wedding here, I personally adore Melaka. Hehe. We did start the outdoor shoot with a little bit anxious, because of the unpredictable weather we had the day prior. Lucky us, we had beautiful weather and beautiful light to experience for the outdoor session. We also manage to try some ‘shooting the sun’ session of our own. And we love it, we need more shooting the sun session. Lovely weather, lovely couple, what more can a wedding photographer mintak. Enjoy the photos that we manage to document during the session.

faratiqo11_02 faratiqo11_03

faratiqo11_04 faratiqo11_05 faratiqo11_06

faratiqo11_07 faratiqo11_08 faratiqo11_09

faratiqo11_10 faratiqo11_11 faratiqo11_12

faratiqo11_13 faratiqo11_14 faratiqo11_15

faratiqo11_16 faratiqo11_17 faratiqo11_18

faratiqo11_19 faratiqo11_20

faratiqo11_21 faratiqo11_22

faratiqo11_23 faratiqo11_24 faratiqo11_25

faratiqo11_26 faratiqo11_27 faratiqo11_28

faratiqo11_29 faratiqo11_30

faratiqo11_31 faratiqo11_32 faratiqo11_33

faratiqo11_34 faratiqo11_35

faratiqo11_36 faratiqo11_37 faratiqo11_38

faratiqo11_39 faratiqo11_40

faratiqo11_41 faratiqo11_42 faratiqo11_43

faratiqo11_44 faratiqo11_45

faratiqo11_46 faratiqo11_47

To Farhan & Atiqah, thanks for being a good sport. and thanks for a good two days in Ayer Keroh Melaka. Selamat Pengantin Baru!


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