Hafifi & Amira (Bertandang, Pandan Lake Club)

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Majlis bertandang Hafifi & Amira was held in Pandan Lake Club, Pandan Perdana.

epimirarp11_02 epimirarp11_03

epimirarp11_04 epimirarp11_05

epimirarp11_06 epimirarp11_07

epimirarp11_08 epimirarp11_09 epimirarp11_10

epimirarp11_11 epimirarp11_12

epimirarp11_13 epimirarp11_14

epimirarp11_15 epimirarp11_16

epimirarp11_17 epimirarp11_18

epimirarp11_19 epimirarp11_20 epimirarp11_21

epimirarp11_22 epimirarp11_23

epimirarp11_24 epimirarp11_25

epimirarp11_26 epimirarp11_27

epimirarp11_28 epimirarp11_29 epimirarp11_30

epimirarp11_31 epimirarp11_32

epimirarp11_33 epimirarp11_34 epimirarp11_35

epimirarp11_36 epimirarp11_37

epimirarp11_38 epimirarp11_39

Wait for next entry, their outdoor session


Hafifi & Amira (Outdoor, Seremban Negeri Sembilan)

wedding — admin on December 20, 2011 at 2:26 am


After their reception at Mambau, Negeri Sembilan. The newly wed and us went to Seremban to shoot their outdoor portraiture. As I remember, the weather was a little bit cloudy. But we were much very lucky it did not rain afterwards. So we did manage to document this newly wed with a different backdrop that evening. I thanks to both Hafifi and Amira because of their good sport through out the session because I know they were both pretty exhausted. Thanks guys. And enjoy the photos below (:

epimiraor11_02 epimiraor11_03 epimiraor11_04

epimiraor11_06 epimiraor11_05 epimiraor11_07

epimiraor11_08 epimiraor11_09

epimiraor11_10 epimiraor11_11 epimiraor11_12

epimiraor11_13 epimiraor11_14

epimiraor11_16 epimiraor11_15 epimiraor11_17

epimiraor11_18 epimiraor11_19 epimiraor11_20

epimiraor11_21 epimiraor11_22

epimiraor11_23 epimiraor11_24

epimiraor11_25 epimiraor11_26 epimiraor11_27

epimiraor11_28 epimiraor11_29

epimiraor11_30 epimiraor11_31

epimiraor11_32 epimiraor11_33

I was assisted by Hery during this session. Wait for the next entry, majlis bertandang at Pandan Indah.


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Hafifi & Amira (Resepsi, Mambau Negeri Sembilan)

wedding — admin on December 12, 2011 at 1:38 am


This is the 2nd entry for the newly wed Hafifi & Amira. Their reception was held the day after their solemnization. With much cheerful color as their wedding theme, it does bring the mood for the day. My day at Mambau as wedding photography start perfectly with good weather accompany the whole day. For this reception, I was assist by Hery Ahziz. Enjoy the photos!

epimirar11_02 epimirar11_03

epimirar11_04 epimirar11_05 epimirar11_06

epimirar11_07 epimirar11_08 epimirar11_09

epimirar11_10 epimirar11_11 epimirar11_12

epimirar11_13 epimirar11_14 epimirar11_15

epimirar11_16 epimirar11_17

epimirar11_18 epimirar11_19

epimirar11_20 epimirar11_21

epimirar11_22 epimirar11_23

epimirar11_24 epimirar11_25

epimirar11_26 epimirar11_27 epimirar11_28

epimirar11_29 epimirar11_30

epimirar11_31 epimirar11_32 epimirar11_33

epimirar11_34 epimirar11_35

epimirar11_36 epimirar11_37

epimirar11_38 epimirar11_39

epimirar11_40 epimirar11_41

epimirar11_42 epimirar11_43

epimirar11_44 epimirar11_45

epimirar11_46 epimirar11_47 epimirar11_48

epimirar11_49 epimirar11_50 epimirar11_51

epimirar11_52 epimirar11_53

epimirar11_54 epimirar11_55

epimirar11_56 epimirar11_57

epimirar11_58 epimirar11_59

epimirar11_60 epimirar11_61 epimirar11_62

epimirar11_63 epimirar11_64 epimirar11_65

epimirar11_66 epimirar11_67

epimirar11_68 epimirar11_69

epimirar11_70 epimirar11_71

epimirar11_72 epimirar11_73

epimirar11_74 epimirar11_75

epimirar11_76 epimirar11_77

epimirar11_78 epimirar11_80

epimirar11_79 epimirar11_81

I just love everything about this reception, the decorations, the colors, the foods, the crowds, the weather and of course the newly wed. My next entry would be their outdoor session. (:


Hafifi & Amira (Nikah, Mambau Negeri Sembilan)

wedding — admin on December 5, 2011 at 3:44 am


Here it goes, an entry of the union of Hafifi & Amira held in Mambau, Negeri Sembilan. Amira contacted me a year before their wedding through email. And after few emails replied, and a year later. There I was, documenting their new journey, new phase of life. To be honest, I pretty much looking forward to shoot this couple. Maybe sebab they booked me a year before kot. Hehe. So, here are the photos that I managed to document during their majlis akad nikah.

epimiran11_02 epimiran11_03

epimiran11_04 epimiran11_05

epimiran11_06 epimiran11_07 epimiran11_08

epimiran11_09 epimiran11_10 epimiran11_11

epimiran11_12 epimiran11_13

epimiran11_14 epimiran11_15

epimiran11_16 epimiran11_17

epimiran11_18 epimiran11_19 epimiran11_20

epimiran11_21 epimiran11_22

epimiran11_23 epimiran11_24

epimiran11_25 epimiran11_26

epimiran11_27 epimiran11_28

epimiran11_29 epimiran11_30

epimiran11_31 epimiran11_32

epimiran11_33 epimiran11_34 epimiran11_35

epimiran11_36 epimiran11_37

epimiran11_38 epimiran11_39

epimiran11_41 epimiran11_42 epimiran11_40

epimiran11_43 epimiran11_44 epimiran11_45

Tunggu entri seterusnya, majlis resepsi Hafifi & Amira. 🙂


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