Hafifi & Amira (Nikah, Mambau Negeri Sembilan)

wedding — admin on December 5, 2011 at 3:44 am


Here it goes, an entry of the union of Hafifi & Amira held in Mambau, Negeri Sembilan. Amira contacted me a year before their wedding through email. And after few emails replied, and a year later. There I was, documenting their new journey, new phase of life. To be honest, I pretty much looking forward to shoot this couple. Maybe sebab they booked me a year before kot. Hehe. So, here are the photos that I managed to document during their majlis akad nikah.

epimiran11_02 epimiran11_03

epimiran11_04 epimiran11_05

epimiran11_06 epimiran11_07 epimiran11_08

epimiran11_09 epimiran11_10 epimiran11_11

epimiran11_12 epimiran11_13

epimiran11_14 epimiran11_15

epimiran11_16 epimiran11_17

epimiran11_18 epimiran11_19 epimiran11_20

epimiran11_21 epimiran11_22

epimiran11_23 epimiran11_24

epimiran11_25 epimiran11_26

epimiran11_27 epimiran11_28

epimiran11_29 epimiran11_30

epimiran11_31 epimiran11_32

epimiran11_33 epimiran11_34 epimiran11_35

epimiran11_36 epimiran11_37

epimiran11_38 epimiran11_39

epimiran11_41 epimiran11_42 epimiran11_40

epimiran11_43 epimiran11_44 epimiran11_45

Tunggu entri seterusnya, majlis resepsi Hafifi & Amira. 🙂



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