Zam & Huda (Reception, Temerloh)

wedding — admin on January 25, 2012 at 4:47 am


This entry is for Zam & Huda. The couple had invited AzamHashim Photography to document their reception in Temerloh. And this was my 1st time in Temerloh capturing moments for bride and groom. Much thanks to Zam & Huda for the opportunity. Huda was a good friend (best friend i believe) to a bride I shoot a while back in Sungai Petani last 2 years, Liny. Huda was Liny’s bridesmaid (pengapit). My thanks also goes to Liny who have been a great supporter to AzamHashim Photography. Hehe. Rajin Liny buat promosi (:

The reception was simple and everyone was enjoying each other companies. The event (kenduri) here in Temerloh starts as early 11pm as neighbor and guest arrived early. And at about 2pm or 3 pm, the number of guests decreasing. And it excite me as I saw the famous ikan patin being cooked before it will be served during the kenduri. Hehe. First time merasa ikan patin Temerloh, memang tak puas makan sebab memikirkan tugasan yang belum selesai. Next time, should try again. Hehe. Below are the photos that I manage to document during the wedding.

zamhudas11_02 zamhudas11_03

zamhudas11_04 zamhudas11_05 zamhudas11_06

zamhudas11_07 zamhudas11_08 zamhudas11_09

zamhudas11_10 zamhudas11_11

zamhudas11_12 zamhudas11_13

zamhudas11_14 zamhudas11_15

zamhudas11_16 zamhudas11_17

zamhudas11_18 zamhudas11_19 zamhudas11_20

zamhudas11_21 zamhudas11_22

zamhudas11_23 zamhudas11_24

zamhudas11_25 zamhudas11_26


zamhudas11_29 zamhudas11_30 zamhudas11_31

zamhudas11_32 zamhudas11_33 zamhudas11_34

zamhudas11_35 zamhudas11_36

zamhudas11_37 zamhudas11_38 zamhudas11_39

zamhudas11_42 zamhudas11_43

zamhudas11_40 zamhudas11_41

zamhudas11_44 zamhudas11_45 zamhudas11_46

zamhudas11_47 zamhudas11_48 zamhudas11_49

zamhudas11_50 zamhudas11_51

zamhudas11_52 zamhudas11_53 zamhudas11_54

zamhudas11_55 zamhudas11_56 zamhudas11_57

Terima kasih Zam & Huda kerana sudi memberi kepercayaan kepada AzamHashim Photography menjadi jurugambar perkahwinan korang di Temerloh. Selamat Pengantin Baru! (:


Adi & Farhana (Engagement, Kampung Datuk Keramat)

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This entry is for Adi & Farhana who gave me their trust to document their engagement. My thanks goes to Ana who engage me for this occasion. Their engagement held in Ana’s house in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. And to be honest, pink is the color if your want some good mood and vibe. It does bring positive image in the person itself and it does good thing to a photo too. Enjoy the photos below (:

adianae11_02 adianae11_03

adianae11_04 adianae11_05

adianae11_06 adianae11_07

adianae11_08 adianae11_09 adianae11_10

adianae11_11 adianae11_12

adianae11_13 adianae11_14

adianae11_15 adianae11_16

adianae11_17 adianae11_18

adianae11_19 adianae11_20 adianae11_21

adianae11_22 adianae11_23 adianae11_24

adianae11_25 adianae11_26

adianae11_27 adianae11_28 adianae11_29

adianae11_30 adianae11_31

adianae11_32 adianae11_33

adianae11_34 adianae11_35

adianae11_36 adianae11_37 adianae11_38

Thanks again Adi and Farhana for having me. Ada rezeki, kita jumpa lagi (:


Hafifi & Amira (Outdoor, Cheras)

wedding — admin on January 5, 2012 at 2:06 am


This would be the last entry of Hafifi & Amira. Honestly, it was a tiring three days, Seremban and Kuala Lumpur back to back. But I enjoyed documenting this couple,  in their new phase in life. This entry was shoot in Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras as it was raining that late afternoon. Luckily, the rain stop in the middle of the shoot, and sun came out. The session getting good after that. Enjoy the photos that I managed to documented during the portraiture session.

epimiraop11_02 epimiraop11_03

epimiraop11_04 epimiraop11_05

epimiraop11_06 epimiraop11_07

epimiraop11_08 epimiraop11_09

epimiraop11_10 epimiraop11_11 epimiraop11_12

epimiraop11_13 epimiraop11_14

epimiraop11_15 epimiraop11_16

epimiraop11_17 epimiraop11_18 epimiraop11_19

epimiraop11_20 epimiraop11_21 epimiraop11_22

epimiraop11_23 epimiraop11_24

epimiraop11_25 epimiraop11_26

epimiraop11_27 epimiraop11_29

epimiraop11_30 epimiraop11_31 epimiraop11_32

epimiraop11_33 epimiraop11_34 epimiraop11_35

epimiraop11_36 epimiraop11_37 epimiraop11_38

epimiraop11_39 epimiraop11_40 epimiraop11_41

epimiraop11_42 epimiraop11_43 epimiraop11_44

Thanks Hafifi & Amira for putting your trust in AzamHashim Photography. It was a year ago you guys decided to hire me as your wedding photographer. Hehe. Thanks again. Selamat pengantin baru and live sempoi ever after! (:


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