Imran Naufal (Aqiqah, Mambau)

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Imran Naufal, he is the highlight of this entry. Hehe. And this entry had brought me again to Mambau, Negeri Sembilan. Imran’s mom (elder sister for Amira, my previous client) had engaged me for this majlis aqiqah and kenduri kesyukuran. Honestly, I was happy to have the opportunity to return and shoot for this special occasion. And as long as I can remember, this was probably my first time shooting majlis aqiqah. Hehe. Imran was really good and calm during the occasion. Enjoy the photos below as much I enjoyed documenting them.

imranaqi11_02 imranaqi11_03 imranaqi11_04

imranaqi11_05 imranaqi11_06 imranaqi11_07

imranaqi11_08 imranaqi11_09

imranaqi11_10 imranaqi11_11

imranaqi11_12 imranaqi11_13

imranaqi11_14 imranaqi11_15

imranaqi11_16 imranaqi11_17 imranaqi11_18

imranaqi11_19 imranaqi11_20

imranaqi11_21 imranaqi11_22

imranaqi11_23 imranaqi11_24 imranaqi11_25

imranaqi11_26 imranaqi11_27

imranaqi11_28 imranaqi11_29

imranaqi11_30 imranaqi11_31

imranaqi11_32 imranaqi11_33

imranaqi11_34 imranaqi11_35

imranaqi11_35 imranaqi11_36

imranaqi11_37 imranaqi11_38

imranaqi11_39 imranaqi11_40

imranaqi11_41 imranaqi11_42

imranaqi11_43 imranaqi11_44

imranaqi11_45 imranaqi11_46

imranaqi11_47 imranaqi11_48

imranaqi11_50 imranaqi11_51 imranaqi11_52

imranaqi11_53 imranaqi11_54 imranaqi11_55

imranaqi11_56 imranaqi11_57

imranaqi11_58 imranaqi11_59

imranaqi11_60 imranaqi11_61 imranaqi11_62

imranaqi11_63 imranaqi11_64 imranaqi11_65

imranaqi11_66 imranaqi11_67 imranaqi11_68

imranaqi11_69 imranaqi11_70

imranaqi11_71 imranaqi11_72

imranaqi11_73 imranaqi11_74

imranaqi11_75 imranaqi11_76

imranaqi11_77 imranaqi11_78

And if you love the decoration on the baby cradle (buaian), it was done by the pengantin baru, Amira. Thanks kak Erma and Farhan for the opportunity. I enjoyed documenting the occasion. And not to forget, I enjoy the kambing golek too. Scrumptious. Hehe. Till we meet again (:



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