Qeeb & Family Portraiture

portrait — admin on April 30, 2012 at 11:16 am


Qeeb also one of the winner for a photo contest that AzamHashim Photography did with Sicomelote some time ago. So here I am again, being a newbie in kids or family portraiture. I do learn much from Qistina session, and so I did request Jeeb and Suliza to have this particular session early in the morning. And lucky me, they agree. Yeah. I am so thankful  that Jeeb and Suliza do bring toys and additional prop to the set. It made thing a lot easier. This time I was assisted by Hery. Enjoy the photos that I managed to document with Qeeb, Suliza and Jeeb.

qeebportrait11_02 qeebportrait11_03

qeebportrait11_04 qeebportrait11_05 qeebportrait11_06

qeebportrait11_07 qeebportrait11_08

qeebportrait11_09 qeebportrait11_10

qeebportrait11_11 qeebportrait11_12

qeebportrait11_13 qeebportrait11_14 qeebportrait11_15

qeebportrait11_16 qeebportrait11_17 qeebportrait11_18

qeebportrait11_19 qeebportrait11_20

qeebportrait11_21 qeebportrait11_22 qeebportrait11_23

qeebportrait11_24 (untitled)

qeebportrait11_25.jpg6 qeebportrait11_26

qeebportrait11_27 qeebportrait11_28

qeebportrait11_29 qeebportrait11_30

qeebportrait11_31 qeebportrait11_32 qeebportrait11_33

qeebportrait11_34 qeebportrait11_35 qeebportrait11_36

qeebportrait11_37 qeebportrait11_38

qeebportrait11_39 qeebportrait11_40

qeebportrait11_41 qeebportrait11_42 qeebportrait11_43

qeebportrait11_44 qeebportrait11_45

qeebportrait11_46 qeebportrait11_47

qeebportrait11_48 qeebportrait11_49

qeebportrait11_50 qeebportrait11_51 qeebportrait11_52

qeebportrait11_53 qeebportrait11_54 qeebportrait11_55

qeebportrait11_56 qeebportrait11_57

qeebportrait11_58 qeebportrait11_59

qeebportrait11_60 qeebportrait11_61 qeebportrait11_62

qeebportrait11_63 qeebportrait11_64

qeebportrait11_65 qeebportrait11_66

Qeeb was being himself throughout the session. Although he was a little shy earlier during the session, I think he did pretty well in front of the camera. His mummy and daddy were very helpful to bring out the character out of him during the portrait session. Thanks mummy and daddy (: And thanks for joining the contest too! I also want to thanks to Sicomelote for the collaboration opportunity. Qeeb was wearing a Sicomelote outfit during the session. Sicomelote can be contacted via http://sicomelote.blogspot.com/ Selesai satu lagi sesi menjadi jurugambar keluarga dan kanak-kanak. Till next entry, see ya!


Qistina & Family Portraiture

portrait — admin on April 24, 2012 at 7:57 am


Qistina was one of the winner for a photo contest that AzamHashim Photography did with Sicomelote some time ago. I am fortunate that they are willing to have a photoshoot in the morning since I love morning light. Although it was pretty early, they were good and much comfortable in front of the camera. Enjoy the photos below as much I enjoy documenting them.

qisfamportrait11_02 qisfamportrait11_03 qisfamportrait11_04

qisfamportrait11_05 qisfamportrait11_06

qisfamportrait11_07 qisfamportrait11_08 qisfamportrait11_09

qisfamportrait11_10 qisfamportrait11_11

qisfamportrait11_12 qisfamportrait11_13 qisfamportrait11_14

qisfamportrait11_15 qisfamportrait11_16 qisfamportrait11_17

qisfamportrait11_18 qisfamportrait11_19

qisfamportrait11_20 qisfamportrait11_21

qisfamportrait11_22 qisfamportrait11_23

qisfamportrait11_24 qisfamportrait11_25 qisfamportrait11_26

qisfamportrait11_27 qisfamportrait11_28 qisfamportrait11_29

qisfamportrait11_30 qisfamportrait11_31

qisfamportrait11_32 qisfamportrait11_33

qisfamportrait11_34 qisfamportrait11_35

qisfamportrait11_36 qisfamportrait11_37 qisfamportrait11_38

qisfamportrait11_39 qisfamportrait11_40

qisfamportrait11_41 qisfamportrait11_42

qisfamportrait11_43 qisfamportrait11_44 qisfamportrait11_45

qisfamportrait11_46 qisfamportrait11_47 qisfamportrait11_48

I do like this session, the morning light, and they such an adorable family. I do love to shoot more family portraiture in the future. If your are looking for family portrait photographer or jurugambar potret keluarga, I am more willingly to be one. (: And congrats to Qistina and family and thanks Farha for joining the contest! I also want to thanks to Sicomelote for the collaboration opportunity. Sicomelote can be contacted via http://sicomelote.blogspot.com/


Hafiz (Konvokesyen IIUM)

convocation — admin on April 12, 2012 at 2:42 am


I remember that I am a happy photographer, when Hafiz did contacted me to document his convocation day. Hehe. It was so long ago I did a convocation portrait or being a convocation photographer. For me documenting a convocation is pretty much a spontaneous thing. I’ve planned few shoot (the location, the pose) in my head for that day but it just happen that i need to be spontaneous. And so I did. So, do enjoy the photos that i managed to document during that day (:

hafizkonvo11_02 hafizkonvo11_03

hafizkonvo11_04 hafizkonvo11_05 hafizkonvo11_06

hafizkonvo11_07 hafizkonvo11_08 hafizkonvo11_09

hafizkonvo11_10 hafizkonvo11_11

hafizkonvo11_12 hafizkonvo11_13

hafizkonvo11_14 hafizkonvo11_15

hafizkonvo11_16 hafizkonvo11_17

hafizkonvo11_18 hafizkonvo11_19 hafizkonvo11_20

hafizkonvo11_21 hafizkonvo11_22 hafizkonvo11_23

hafizkonvo11_24 hafizkonvo11_25 hafizkonvo11_26

hafizkonvo11_27 hafizkonvo11_28 hafizkonvo11_29

hafizkonvo11_30 hafizkonvo11_31 hafizkonvo11_32

hafizkonvo11_33 hafizkonvo11_34

hafizkonvo11_35 hafizkonvo11_36

Being able to shoot at International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), one can definitely enjoy shooting here since there are plentiful of great backdrop. The architectural design can fit the the portrait that i was going for. Hopefully I can shoot here in the future.


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