Zam & Huda (Portraiture)

portrait — admin on May 31, 2012 at 11:42 pm


Hey, hey. I’m with Zam and Huda again but this time we did some extended session. It is their portraiture session. We have two outfit for this session, a casual one, and the other is their nikah outfit. The weather was pretty much on our side that day as we shot. Lights was a big part of this session. And I am happy with the outcome. Hopefully this couple will do too (: . Enjoy the extended session that I managed to document.

zahuportrait11_02 zahuportrait11_03 zahuportrait11_04

zahuportrait11_05 zahuportrait11_06 zahuportrait11_07

zahuportrait11_08 zahuportrait11_09

zahuportrait11_10 zahuportrait11_11

zahuportrait11_12 zahuportrait11_13

zahuportrait11_14 zahuportrait11_15 zahuportrait11_16

zahuportrait11_16.jpg7 zahuportrait11_17

zahuportrait11_18 zahuportrait11_19 zahuportrait11_20

zahuportrait11_21 zahuportrait11_22

zahuportrait11_23 zahuportrait11_24

zahuportrait11_25 zahuportrait11_26

zahuportrait11_27 zahuportrait11_28

zahuportrait11_29 zahuportrait11_30 zahuportrait11_31

zahuportrait11_32 zahuportrait11_33 zahuportrait11_34

zahuportrait11_35 zahuportrait11_36

zahuportrait11_37 zahuportrait11_38

zahuportrait11_39 zahuportrait11_40

zahuportrait11_41 zahuportrait11_42 zahuportrait11_43

zahuportrait11_44 zahuportrait11_45

zahuportrait11_46 zahuportrait11_47 zahuportrait11_48

zahuportrait11_49 zahuportrait11_50

Selamat Pengantin Baru Zam and Huda. If you like to have an anniversary portrait session, AzamHashim Photography are more willingly to do so. Please contact us. Hehe. There you go, settle another kerja jurugambar potret (:


Farisya & Family Portraiture

portrait — admin on May 20, 2012 at 11:20 pm


This would be the last session I had with one of the AzamHashim Photography and Sicomelote photo contest winner. It is Farisya turn to pose and smile. I did have much fun photography these photo contest winners. And I learn a lot. The day we shoot this session, weather was not with us. It was a cloudy morning and a bit drizzling. Hence Farisya hold that little red umbrella. Hehe. I thanks because they are well prepared for this shoot. I like the colors they choose for the outfit. I like that they have ideas for the props. Enjoy the photos that I managed to document during this portrait session with Farisya and her family (:

fariportrait11_02 fariportrait11_03 fariportrait11_04

fariportrait11_05 fariportrait11_06 fariportrait11_07

fariportrait11_08 fariportrait11_09 fariportrait11_10

fariportrait11_11 fariportrait11_12 fariportrait11_13

fariportrait11_14 fariportrait11_15 fariportrait11_16

fariportrait11_17 fariportrait11_18 fariportrait11_19

fariportrait11_20 fariportrait11_21

fariportrait11_22 fariportrait11_23 fariportrait11_24

fariportrait11_25 fariportrait11_26 fariportrait11_27

fariportrait11_28 fariportrait11_29

fariportrait11_30 fariportrait11_31 fariportrait11_32

fariportrait11_33 fariportrait11_34

fariportrait11_35 fariportrait11_36 fariportrait11_37

fariportrait11_38 fariportrait11_39 fariportrait11_40

fariportrait11_41 fariportrait11_42

fariportrait11_43 fariportrait11_44

fariportrait11_45 fariportrait11_46

fariportrait11_47 fariportrait11_48 fariportrait11_49

fariportrait11_50 fariportrait11_51 fariportrait11_52

fariportrait11_53 fariportrait11_54

fariportrait11_55 fariportrait11_56 fariportrait11_57

I sincerely that the participant and all of the winners that join the photo contest. It is a success, at least for me. To Nieda and family, thanks for being great throughout the session. I did have fun although the weather was not on our side that morning. I also want to thanks to Sicomelote for the collaboration opportunity. Sicomelote can be contacted via Selesai satu lagi sesi menjadi jurugambar keluarga dan kanak-kanak. Hopefully there will be more in the future (:


Aisyah & Family Portraiture

portrait — admin on May 14, 2012 at 10:59 pm


This is another session I have with one of the AzamHashim Photography and Sicomelote photo contest winner. This time Aisyah and her family will be posing in front of my camera. Aisyah was a pretty shy girl in front of my camera. But with the help of her brother, sister and parent, she manage to get her cool to pose for me. Hehe. Enjoy the photos that I managed to document during the short and simple session with Aisyah and her family.

aisyahportrait11_02 aisyahportrait11_03 aisyahportrait11_04

aisyahportrait11_05 aisyahportrait11_06

aisyahportrait11_07 aisyahportrait11_07.jpg8 aisyahportrait11_08

aisyahportrait11_09 aisyahportrait11_10 aisyahportrait11_11

aisyahportrait11_12 aisyahportrait11_13 aisyahportrait11_14

aisyahportrait11_15 aisyahportrait11_16 aisyahportrait11_17

aisyahportrait11_18 aisyahportrait11_19

aisyahportrait11_20 aisyahportrait11_21

aisyahportrait11_22 aisyahportrait11_23 aisyahportrait11_24

Another family portraiture done. Thanks for joining the contest Kak Ita! I do hope Kak Ita and family enjoyed the session.  I also want to thanks to Sicomelote for the collaboration opportunity. Sicomelote can be contacted via Selesai satu lagi sesi menjadi jurugambar keluarga dan kanak-kanak. Till next entry, see ya!


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