Khairil & Fhairuz (Akad Nikah, Semenyih)

wedding — admin on August 8, 2012 at 2:20 pm


Khairil and Fhairuz, this entry is for you guys. I’ve been given the opportunity to document their majlis akad nikah earlier this year. It was held at Fhairuz house in Semenyih. Way back, Fhairuz engaged me through email after she saw a promo by AzamHashim Photography. And few emails after that, a meet up and few weeks later, I am here documenting their big day. The day when they were united as husband and wife. Enjoy the photos as I documented during their journey for the day (:

khafhanikah12_02 khafhanikah12_03 khafhanikah12_04

khafhanikah12_05 khafhanikah12_06 khafhanikah12_07

khafhanikah12_08 khafhanikah12_09 khafhanikah12_10

khafhanikah12_11 khafhanikah12_12

khafhanikah12_13 khafhanikah12_14

khafhanikah12_15 khafhanikah12_16

khafhanikah12_17 khafhanikah12_18 khafhanikah12_19

khafhanikah12_20 khafhanikah12_21

khafhanikah12_22 khafhanikah12_23

khafhanikah12_24 khafhanikah12_25

khafhanikah12_26 khafhanikah12_27

khafhanikah12_28 khafhanikah12_29

khafhanikah12_30 khafhanikah12_31

khafhanikah12_32 khafhanikah12_33

khafhanikah12_34 khafhanikah12_35

khafhanikah12_36 khafhanikah12_37

khafhanikah12_38 khafhanikah12_39

khafhanikah12_40 khafhanikah12_41

khafhanikah12_42 khafhanikah12_43

Next entry will be their reception photos. Be sure not to miss it. My job as their wedding photographer continues (:


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