Riza Syafik & Nur Ain (Resepsi, Bangi)

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The week after, I attend another reception for Riza Syafik and Nur Ain. But this time in German-Malaysia Institute, Bangi. Still, I am with Aleng Tohara and SharulAimer. Thanks to both of them for letting me to be part of it. I enjoyed documenting this reception. Also my thanks for both bride and groom. Enjoys the photos below.

rizainresepsi11_02 rizainresepsi11_03 rizainresepsi11_04

rizainresepsi11_05 rizainresepsi11_06

rizainresepsi11_07 rizainresepsi11_08

rizainresepsi11_09 rizainresepsi11_10 rizainresepsi11_11

rizainresepsi11_12 rizainresepsi11_13

rizainresepsi11_14 rizainresepsi11_15 rizainresepsi11_16

rizainresepsi11_17 rizainresepsi11_18

rizainresepsi11_19 rizainresepsi11_20

rizainresepsi11_21 rizainresepsi11_22

rizainresepsi11_23 rizainresepsi11_24 rizainresepsi11_25

rizainresepsi11_26 rizainresepsi11_27

rizainresepsi11_28 rizainresepsi11_29

rizainresepsi11_30 rizainresepsi11_31

rizainresepsi11_32 rizainresepsi11_33

rizainresepsi11_34 rizainresepsi11_35 rizainresepsi11_36

rizainresepsi11_37 rizainresepsi11_38

rizainresepsi11_39 rizainresepsi11_40

rizainresepsi11_41 rizainresepsi11_42

rizainresepsi11_43 rizainresepsi11_44

rizainresepsi11_45 rizainresepsi11_46

rizainresepsi11_47 rizainresepsi11_48

Wedding outfit was again gorgeously made by Jovian Mandagie and the beautiful makeup by Aleng Tohara. Thanks again to all for letting me document this wedding. Selamat Pengantin Baru Riza Syafik and Nur Ain. (:


Riza Syafik & Nur Ain (Resepsi, Putrajaya)

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A little while ago I was lucky to be part of this beautiful wedding. And this would be my first time shooting a wedding in Putrajaya International Convention Center. All of this thanks to Aleng Tohara and SharulAimer for letting me in squeeze in to shoot this lovely wedding. My thanks also goes to the bride and groom who are willingly to let their wedding be document by AzamHashim Photograhy. It such an honour (: And yaa, I am not the official photographer for the event. I’m hardly remembered the photographer’s name. If anyone knows, do let me know. I sure want to credit them for letting me works with them that night. (: Yaa, I was overjoyed during my many hours shooting this wedding as I have lots and lots of shoot to try and play. And below are some that I managed to document during the special day. Enjoy!

rizainsanding11_02 rizainsanding11_03 rizainsanding11_04 rizainsanding11_05 rizainsanding11_06 rizainsanding11_07 rizainsanding11_08 rizainsanding11_09 rizainsanding11_10 rizainsanding11_11 rizainsanding11_12 rizainsanding11_13 rizainsanding11_14 rizainsanding11_15 rizainsanding11_16 rizainsanding11_17 rizainsanding11_18 rizainsanding11_19 rizainsanding11_20 rizainsanding11_21 rizainsanding11_22 rizainsanding11_23 rizainsanding11_24 rizainsanding11_25 rizainsanding11_26 rizainsanding11_27 rizainsanding11_28 rizainsanding11_29 rizainsanding11_30 rizainsanding11_31 rizainsanding11_32 rizainsanding11_33 rizainsanding11_34 rizainsanding11_35 rizainsanding11_36 rizainsanding11_37 rizainsanding11_38 rizainsanding11_39 rizainsanding11_40 rizainsanding11_41 rizainsanding11_42 rizainsanding11_43 rizainsanding11_44 rizainsanding11_45 rizainsanding11_46 rizainsanding11_47 rizainsanding11_48 rizainsanding11_49 rizainsanding11_50 rizainsanding11_51 rizainsanding11_52 rizainsanding11_53 rizainsanding11_54 rizainsanding11_55 rizainsanding11_56 rizainsanding11_57 rizainsanding11_58 rizainsanding11_59 rizainsanding11_60 rizainsanding11_61 rizainsanding11_62 rizainsanding11_63 rizainsanding11_64 rizainsanding11_65 rizainsanding11_66 rizainsanding11_67 rizainsanding11_68 rizainsanding11_69 rizainsanding11_70 rizainsanding11_71 rizainsanding11_72 rizainsanding11_73

Pelamin was by the famous Pak Abu. Wedding outfit was gorgeously made by Jovian Mandagie and the beautiful makeup by Aleng Tohara. Thanks again to all for letting me document this wedding. Beautiful settings and all (:


Khairil & Fhairuz (Resepsi, Semenyih)

wedding — admin on September 4, 2012 at 11:57 pm


2nd day with Khairil and Fhairuz and 2nd day in Semenyih, Selangor. This time I am documenting their reception. Arrived early and took a whole lot of details shots. Love the table settings under the canopy. White, yellow, and blue with those matching green grass. I almost got carried away with the details shots. Hehe. The weather was pretty good at the start of day. And I was thing to take same portraiture shot after the wedding at ‘garden of coconuts trees’ in front of the venue. It do have some nice backgrounds. It really is. I am getting busy as the clock ticks 12pm. Enjoy below photos, as I documented during Khairil and Fhairuz’s reception.

kfsanding12_02 kfsanding12_03 kfsanding12_04

kfsanding12_05 kfsanding12_06 kfsanding12_07

kfsanding12_08 kfsanding12_09

kfsanding12_10 kfsanding12_11

kfsanding12_12 kfsanding12_13

kfsanding12_14 kfsanding12_15

kfsanding12_16 kfsanding12_17

kfsanding12_18 kfsanding12_19 kfsanding12_20

kfsanding12_21 kfsanding12_22

kfsanding12_23 kfsanding12_24 kfsanding12_25

kfsanding12_26 kfsanding12_27

kfsanding12_28 kfsanding12_29

kfsanding12_30 kfsanding12_31

kfsanding12_32 kfsanding12_33

kfsanding12_34 kfsanding12_35

kfsanding12_36 kfsanding12_37

kfsanding12_38 kfsanding12_39

kfsanding12_40 kfsanding12_41 kfsanding12_42

kfsanding12_43 kfsanding12_44

kfsanding12_45 kfsanding12_46

kfsanding12_47 kfsanding12_48

kfsanding12_49 kfsanding12_50 kfsanding12_51

kfsanding12_52 kfsanding12_53

kfsanding12_54 kfsanding12_55

kfsanding12_56 kfsanding12_57

kfsanding12_58 kfsanding12_59

kfsanding12_60 kfsanding12_61

kfsanding12_62 kfsanding12_63

kfsanding12_64 kfsanding12_65

kfsanding12_66 kfsanding12_67

kfsanding12_68 kfsanding12_69

kfsanding12_70 kfsanding12_71

kfsanding12_72 kfsanding12_73 kfsanding12_74

kfsanding12_75 kfsanding12_76

kfsanding12_77 kfsanding12_78 kfsanding12_79

At the end of the day, it starts to rain. And the plans to shoot a portraiture session at the ‘kebun pokok kelapa’ nearby was not fulfilled. Anyway, I am happy to be able to be part of this lovely day, Khairil and Fhairuz big day. Congrats to them and both family. Selamat Pengantin Baru! (:


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