Dahlia (Majlis Berendoi, Bandar Baru Sentul)

portrait — admin on October 14, 2012 at 11:45 pm


This would be my first photographing majlis berendoi. I had photographed one majlis cukur jambul last year. It was one good experience and one eye opener for AzamHashim Photograhy as a wedding photographer initially. A good practice too I presume. Majlis berendoi is actually a malay custom to celebrate a new family members while the event itself will acknowledge the neighbors, near or far of the new baby.  Below are the photos that I managed to document during Dahlia’s majlis berendoi.

daberendoi12_02 daberendoi12_03

daberendoi12_04 daberendoi12_05

daberendoi12_06 daberendoi12_07 daberendoi12_08

daberendoi12_09 daberendoi12_10

daberendoi12_11 daberendoi12_12 daberendoi12_13

daberendoi12_14 daberendoi12_15

daberendoi12_16 daberendoi12_17

daberendoi12_18 daberendoi12_19

daberendoi12_20 daberendoi12_21

daberendoi12_22 daberendoi12_23 daberendoi12_24

daberendoi12_25 daberendoi12_26

daberendoi12_27 daberendoi12_28 daberendoi12_29

daberendoi12_30 daberendoi12_31

daberendoi12_32 daberendoi12_33

All in all, it was fun documenting this event. I’ll definitely do it again if i get the chance.



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