Indah’s Family Portraiture (Putrajaya)

portrait — admin on November 13, 2013 at 11:54 pm


She is beautiful when she smiles. She is Indah. It was a fine afternoon as i got the chance to do some potraiture session with this lovely family. Enjoy the photos guys!


Indahportrait_2 Indahportrait_3 Indahportrait_4 Indahportrait_5 Indahportrait_6 Indahportrait_7 Indahportrait_8 Indahportrait_9 Indahportrait_10 Indahportrait_11 Indahportrait_12 Indahportrait_13 Indahportrait_14 Indahportrait_15 Indahportrait_16 Indahportrait_17 Indahportrait_18 Indahportrait_19 Indahportrait_20 Indahportrait_21 Indahportrait_22 Indahportrait_23 Indahportrait_24 Indahportrait_25 Indahportrait_26 Indahportrait_27 Indahportrait_28 Indahportrait_29 Indahportrait_30 Indahportrait_31 Indahportrait_32 Indahportrait_33 Indahportrait_34 Indahportrait_35 Indahportrait_36 Indahportrait_37 Indahportrait_38 Indahportrait_39 Indahportrait_40 Indahportrait_41 Indahportrait_42 Indahportrait_43 Indahportrait_44

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