Adi & Ana (Akad Nikah, Kuala Lumpur)

wedding — admin on February 27, 2014 at 2:14 am



AzamHashim Photography documented this two during their engagement. And for this entry, AzamHashim Photography to document their majlis akad nikah that were held in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur. I would like to thank Adi and Ana for keeping the trust in me to photograph their big day. As much I enjoyed documenting the yellow theme ceremony, I hope you guys do enjoy the photos from the day. Keep scrolling down for more photos!

adiananikah_2 adiananikah_3 adiananikah_4 adiananikah_5 adiananikah_6 adiananikah_7 adiananikah_8 adiananikah_9 adiananikah_10 adiananikah_11adiananikah_12

adiananikah_13 adiananikah_14 adiananikah_15 adiananikah_16 adiananikah_17 adiananikah_18


adiananikah_20 adiananikah_21 adiananikah_22 adiananikah_23 adiananikah_24 adiananikah_25 adiananikah_26 adiananikah_27 adiananikah_28 adiananikah_29 adiananikah_30 adiananikah_31 adiananikah_32 adiananikah_33 adiananikah_34 adiananikah_35 adiananikah_36

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