Adi & Ana (Outdoor, Kuala Lumpur)

wedding — admin on March 31, 2014 at 3:00 am



After their reception, we headed to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa for a portraiture shoot. Weather was lovely and the session was a breeze. Below are some of the photos from the Adi and Ana’s portraiture session. Enjoy!

adiana_outdoor2 adiana_outdoor3 adiana_outdoor4 adiana_outdoor5 adiana_outdoor6 adiana_outdoor7 adiana_outdoor8 adiana_outdoor9 adiana_outdoor10 adiana_outdoor11 adiana_outdoor12 adiana_outdoor13 adiana_outdoor14 adiana_outdoor15 adiana_outdoor15 adiana_outdoor16 adiana_outdoor17

Adi & Ana (Resepsi, Kuala Lumpur)

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The next day, I once again in Kampung Datuk Keramat, Kuala Lumpur to document the following ceremony for Adi and Ana which is their reception. Enjoy the photos below!

adianaresepsi_2 adianaresepsi_3 adianaresepsi_4 adianaresepsi_5 adianaresepsi_6 adianaresepsi_7 adianaresepsi_8 adianaresepsi_9 adianaresepsi_10 adianaresepsi_11 adianaresepsi_12 adianaresepsi_13 adianaresepsi_14 adianaresepsi_15 adianaresepsi_16 adianaresepsi_17 adianaresepsi_18 adianaresepsi_19 adianaresepsi_20 adianaresepsi_21 adianaresepsi_22 adianaresepsi_23 adianaresepsi_25 adianaresepsi_26 adianaresepsi_27 adianaresepsi_28 adianaresepsi_29 adianaresepsi_30 adianaresepsi_31 adianaresepsi_31 adianaresepsi_32 adianaresepsi_33 adianaresepsi_34 adianaresepsi_35 adianaresepsi_36 adianaresepsi_37 adianaresepsi_38

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