Rock The World 10 (2010)

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Grey Sky Morning

rtw10_02 rtw10_03

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob

rtw10_04 rtw10_05

Kyoto Protocol

rtw10_06 rtw10_07 rtw10_08

Massacre Conspiracy

rtw10_09 rtw10_10

Hello, is this the band?

rtw10_11 rtw10_12 rtw10_13

Azlan & The Typewriter

rtw10_14 rtw10_15

Free Deserters

rtw10_16 rtw10_17 rtw10_18

Bleeding Mascara

rtw10_19 rtw10_20

An Honest Mistake

rtw10_21 rtw10_22 rtw10_23

Republic of Brickfields

rtw10_24 rtw10_25 rtw10_26

Car Crash Hearts

rtw10_27 rtw10_28 rtw10_29

Pop Shuvit

rtw10_30 rtw10_31


rtw10_32 rtw10_33 rtw10_34

Lab the Rat

rtw10_35 rtw10_36

They Will Kill Us All

rtw10_37 rtw10_38 rtw10_39


rtw10_40 rtw10_41 rtw10_42




rtw10_45 rtw10_46 rtw10_47

Love Me Butch


Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur (2010)

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Almost two months ago, exactly 19 Oct 2010;  American pop punk band finally meet face to face with their Malaysian fans. It took them about 6 years to finally have a concert here in Malaysia. and with the help of Tune Talk, Fatboys Records and other organizer, they finally here and with their newest album titled Brand New Eyes. The concert open by local masked punk rock band, Y2k. I haven’t heard them for years, tiba-tiba muncul dan mengecewakan lots and lots of local Paramore-oriented band to open the stage that night. 9pm, when it all begins. Paramore open their first concert in Malaysia with Ignorance (2nd track from Brand New Eyes) behind a curtain. It goes full blast after the curtain fall off and with strong 8000 crowd, Bukit Jalil Stadium had the most loudest night (of the entire week?).

paramoreKL10_02 paramoreKL10_03

paramoreKL10_04 paramoreKL10_05

paramoreKL10_06 paramoreKL10_07

paramoreKL10_08 paramoreKL10_09 paramoreKL10_10

paramoreKL10_11 paramoreKL10_12

paramoreKL10_13 paramoreKL10_14

The photo pit just as crowded as the Rockzone. And with all the fact that i had read about how to photograph this band were all true facts. Photographing the energetic Hayley was the most fun of the night. And to be able to witness and photograph the famous Hayley hair whip is another thing. Wicked night! haha. Paramore perform 8 first songs in electric set before they performed 4 song in an acoustic set. The first electric set was electrifying satisfying Malaysian fans with songs like Feeling Sorry, That’s What You Get, For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic, Emergency, Playing God, Careful, and Decode.

Acoustic set started on a white couch (that they brought up from backstage) with Never Let This Go, When It Rains, Where The Lines Overlap, and ended with Misguided Ghosts with a power cut (was it?) leaving the crowd singing a long to the song. Macam koir pun ada. (: Pressure, build up the 2nd electric set and i guess everyone had already enjoying the night with a louder sing along. Next, the band played Looking Up with a lighter up in the moment and ended with The Only Exception before off the stage of almost 2 hours set.

paramoreKL10_15 paramoreKL10_16 paramoreKL10_17

paramoreKL10_18 paramoreKL10_19 paramoreKL10_20

paramoreKL10_21 paramoreKL10_22

paramoreKL10_23 paramoreKL10_24 paramoreKL10_25

paramoreKL10_26 paramoreKL10_27

paramoreKL10_28 paramoreKL10_29

With the strong cheer from the crowds for wanting an encore. They band get back on stage to play blasting 2 song of Brick By Boring Brick and Misery Business. Ended with flying confetti and satisfaction were written all over the face whoever that came.


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Russian Circles Live in Kuala Lumpur (2010)

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24 September 2010, would be the first time Malaysian fans to be able to witness this 3 piece Chicago band. They are Russian Circles (RC), known to have energetic live shows and love to play in a very dimmed lighting conditions. They came to Malaysia with their newest album entitled ‘Geneva’ that has been released on 20 October last year. Boleh juga kalau nak kata ini adalah South East Asia Tour untuk RC.  The gig reportedly started at 8.30pm at KLPAC (Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center) which I myself only manage to catch them at 9pm thanks to the traffic of Kuala Lumpur.

russcl10_02 russcl10_03

russcl10_04 russcl10_05 russcl10_06

russcl10_07 russcl10_08 russcl10_09

russcl10_10 russcl10_11

After Mono, this gig would be the next best gig I have attend this year. Intimate yet full of energy. The comfy seats at Pentas 1 would never distract the gig head to just sit on their seats comfortably. I saw people banging on their comfy seat instead. It is an added rarest moment to this event. The possible setlist of that night would be Harper Lewis, Malko, Hexed, Carpe, Young Blood, Philos, Death Rides a Horse, Geneva with an encore of Station. With the help of good sound system and acoustic of Pentas 1, i believe everyone have a wicked night to be told, to everyone who missed it.

russcl10_12 russcl10_13

russcl10_14 russcl10_15 russcl10_16

russcl10_17 russcl10_19

russcl10_18 russcl10_20


Thanks to Soundscape Records and KittyWu Records for bringing Russian Circles to South East Asia. It was loud, satisfying night. Do come again Russian Circles!


Hujan Vs Bunkface (2010)

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Finally, its time to some concert update. Back in July, in conjunction with KL Festival month, Hujan and Bunkface team up untuk menjayakan konsert ‘Hujan Vs Bunkface’. Berlangsung selama dua hari 10 & 11 Julai 2010 di KL Life, Kuala Lumpur, pastinya satu konsert yang ditunggu-tunggu oleh Raingers dan Bunkers. The show start with an intro as both band enter the stage. Hujan start their setlist playing Revolusi while Bunkface played Aku Skandal.

hjnbfc10_02 hjnbfc10_03

hjnbfc10_04 hjnbfc10_05 hjnbfc10_06

hjnbfc10_07 hjnbfc10_08 hjnbfc10_09

hjnbfc10_10 hjnbfc10_11

hjnbfc10_12 hjnbfc10_13

hjnbfc10_14 hjnbfc10_15

Both band take turn to perform their song. Keberangkalian setlist Hujan pada malam 10 Julai adalah Pagi yang Gelap, Kau Harus Ada, Jiwa Kelajuan, Obsesi, Dugaannya, Mencari Konklusi, Empayarmu, Bila Aku Sudah Tiada. Manakala Bunkface memainkan Bunk Anthem, Prom Queen, Soldier, Through My Window, Ekstravaganza, Escape Dance, Silly Lily. Despite the low attendance, both band memang all out for this show as they did have fun through the 2 hour show.  The show ended with Situasi and Ludah Amerika with 11 musicians on stage. Changing guitar, bass, and drums, a rare moment to be seen in a concert.

hjnbfc10_16 hjnbfc10_17

hjnbfc10_18 hjnbfc10_19 hjnbfc10_20

hjnbfc10_21 hjnbfc10_22

hjnbfc10_23 hjnbfc10_24 hjnbfc10_25

hjnbfc10_26 hjnbfc10_27

hjnbfc10_28 hjnbfc10_29

It was an awesome night to the fans and to Malaysian music industry itself. Kudos to all (lighting was great too). Kalau rasa macam rugi sebab tak attend konsert ni, boleh beli DVD yang khabarnya akan release dalam masa terdekat ni. Till then, keep Malaysian music industry alive! and healthy!


Seven Collar T-Shirt: The Battle Protocol (2010)

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22 May 2010 marked a new milestone to this band in their many years in Malaysia local music scene. They are Seven Collar T-Shirt. Kuala Lumpur Performing Art Center (KLPAC) had turn into a ‘war zone’ for ‘The Battle Protocol’. This was their last stop after touring to many different ‘war zone’ all across Malaysia promoting their newest album, ‘The Great Battle’. They have toured Penang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Melaka and Kedah before 22 May.

btptc10_02 btptc10_03 btptc10_04

btptc10_05 btptc10_06 btptc10_07

btptc10_08 btptc10_09

btptc10_10 btptc10_11 btptc10_12

The entire battle was divided into 4 scenes, giving a different feel, tempo and mood on each scene. The battle started with TET offensive featuring the percussion unit. The loud beat from the big drum do gives the energy needed to start the battle. While in scene 2, they were support by ambiance players. Scene 2 was eclectic with Fragile, Fibres, Drones, War is over and Chemicals. After 10minutes interval, scene 3 starts with summary and Yuna comes out to do duet with Duan on few songs. The last scene started with a solo drum session by Aidil and finish with a big bang of the song titled Lights.

btptc10_13 btptc10_14

btptc10_15 btptc10_16 btptc10_17

btptc10_18 btptc10_19

btptc10_20 btptc10_21 btptc10_22

btptc10_23 btptc10_24 btptc10_25

btptc10_26 btptc10_27 btptc10_28

This is the day they prove they are evolving and maturing in their 10 years as a band. What a night, what a battle, it start and finish awesomely. Siapa2 yang terlepas ‘The Battle Protocol’, memang sangat rugi. Till next battle, SCTS won this battle wickedly!


Typecast: Live in Malaysia

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Typecast was brought by Gegey Music whom managed to brought in few international acts last year. I believe Typecast is a big name back in Phillipines. They opened for Saosin Live in Manila early this year and had been to Singapore several times. With this first appearance in Malaysia, it was a good opportunity for Typecast to promote their new coming album, How Your Influence Betrays You, to Malaysian crowd. Hopefully this will not their last visit to Malaysia.

The events was supported by few of biggest local bands and a band from Singapore. The event opened by This Sunday, Massacre Conspiracy, The Padangs, Incarnation, A Vacant Affair and Love Me Butch.


This Sunday

typecast10_04 typecast10_05 typecast10_06

Massacre Conspiracy

typecast10_07 typecast10_08

The Padangs

typecast10_09 typecast10_10 typecast10_11


typecast10_12 typecast10_13 typecast10_14

A Vacant Affair

typecast10_15 typecast10_16 typecast10_17

Love Me Butch

After the stage had been rock out by six band, Typecast took the stage. and  with a substituted bassist. I am familiar with only few songs from their last album although i’ve been listening to them for last two years. Maybe i’ve been listening to their only famous set list. Pity me. Haha. Despite the low crowd that night, they still rocking out the venue, Dragonfly Club. They end the show with a collaboration with Matt from A Vacant Affair. No encore that night but it was an awesome introductory for the band in Malaysia. The venue was good, the band was awesome, but the crowd, not the best i think.

typecast10_18 typecast10_19

typecast10_20 typecast10_21 typecast10_22

typecast10_23 typecast10_24

typecast10_25 typecast10_26 typecast10_27

typecast10_28 typecast10_29

typecast10_30 typecast10_31 typecast10_32

typecast10_33 typecast10_34

typecast10_35 typecast10_36 typecast10_37

With more less 200 turnout that day, Malaysian music fans still need to be introduce to this band. But this visit will be a benchmark to future Typecast listener. Do come again Typecast! Thanks Gegey for bringing them for the 1st time to Malaysia.


Efek Rumah Kaca Live in Malaysia (2010)

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Tanggal 27 Februari tahun 2010 menyaksikan tarikh istimewa buat band Jakarta Indonesia, Efek Rumah Kaca (ERK) kerana ini adalah keberangkatan mereka yang pertama kali ke negara tetangga, Malaysia. Terima kasih buat Oxygen Media, Frinjan, Envelove dan My Future Foundation & IKD yang sudi membawa ERK ke audien di sekitar sini.

Pentas dibuka oleh Bit The Medusa (Sunday Carousel) sekitar jam 4.30 petang. Kemudian di sambung oleh Nao, Couple, Free Love, Dum Dum Tak dan juga Deepset.

erk10_02 erk10_03


erk10_04 erk10_05

Free Love

erk10_06 erk10_07

Dum Dum Tak

erk10_08 erk10_09


Kira-kira jam 8 malam, ERK yang ditunjangi Cholil, Adrian dan Akbar membuka set mereka dengan Debu-debu beterbangan yang dipetik dari album pertama meraka, a self title album, Efek Rumah Kaca. Walaupun ini kali pertama ERK manggung di Malaysia, mereka sudah mempunyai pengikut-pengikut yang cukup besar kerana audien yang hadir  mampu sing along lagu-lagu meraka. Setlist kebarangkalian ERK pada malam itu terdiri daripada, Debu-debu beterbangan, Kau dan aku menuju ruang hampa, Tubuhmu membiru … tragis, Kamar gelap, Jalang, Jangan bakar buku, Mosi tak percaya, Melankolia, Kenakalan remaja di era informatika, Sebelah mata, Balerina, Jatuh Cinta itu biasa saja, Cinta melulu, Desember, Di udara.


erk10_12 erk10_13 erk10_14

erk10_15 erk10_16

erk10_17 erk10_18

erk10_19 erk10_22

Malam epik ini di akhiri dengan encore Hujan Jangan Marah. Terima kasih buat kawan2 ERK kerana sudi manggung di Malaysia. Jemput datang lagi!


Mono Live in Malaysia (2010)

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After 2 years of their first visit to Malaysia, Mono had once again decided to meet their Malaysian fans in 2010. They came with their 5th studio album ‘Hymn To The Immortal Wind’ that had received great reviews all over the world. After touring all over the world promoting their newest album and celebrating their 10th anniversary, Mono are once again welcome by Malaysian post-rock fan (yang sudah bertambah) as they showed up in KLPAC dated 30 Jan 2010.



With almost a full house in Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPAC), the majestic events kick off with local post-rock band, Deepset. Deepset open with an outstanding performance. I am pretty sure they have collect more newer fans at this show. Im one of them 🙂

As Mono took the stage, the started their set by playing ‘Ashes In The Snow’. For me, it does give a welcoming mood the whole set that last about 2 hours.  After a few songs, a string quartet came out and give a deeper sound the awesome night. Nice! Towards the end, Mono were roaring with their sound and the crowd was with them. They ended with a climax ‘Everlasting Light’. No encore but it was a tastiest night. It did gave me chills for a week i guess. Wicked!





Last but not least, kudos to Soundscape Records for bringing Mono for the 2nd time in Malaysia. Do come again Mono!


Rock The World 9 – Bab Akhir (2009)

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Ni bab akhir.  Sambungan dari bab 3. Event ni selesai at about 10 minutes past 12. Event disudahi dengan performance dari Bunkface.


One Buck Short







See you guys this year, Rock The World  10!

Rock The World 9 – Bab 3 (2009)

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Sambungan dari bab 2


Love Me Butch




Seven Collar T-Shirt


Meet Uncle Hussain feat Black

Tunggu bab akhir!

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