Chinese New Year (2011)

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This is a very late entry. I am busy with wedding photography this few months and pending this year Chinese new year celebration update. This year, 2011, I’m shooting at the same, Thean Hou Temple, here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But it differ this time because I came at the actual 1st day of the new year. Stay few hours there, tried to shoot on different angle and approach this year. I think I did not do that well this year. But anyways, here is what i shot during the day.

cny11_02 cny11_03 cny11_04

cny11_05 cny11_06

cny11_07 cny11_08

cny11_09 cny11_10 cny11_11

cny11_12 cny11_13

cny11_14 cny11_15

cny11_16 cny11_17 cny11_18

cny11_19 cny11_20

cny11_21 cny11_22

cny11_23 cny11_24 cny11_25

Till next year! We’ll see more reds! (:


Thaipusam (2011)

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This is very late entry for my Thaipusam’s documentation for the year 2011. This year I already planned to go out early and document the event before the sun rises, but unfortunately, I did not manage to get off bed as early as planned. So, there goes my plan. Hehe. Then I decided to shoot this year Thaipusam with a little bit of light play. So, here my few takes for this year Thaipusam, shoot in Batu Caves. Enjoy!

thaipusam11_02 thaipusam11_03 thaipusam11_04

thaipusam11_05 thaipusam11_06 thaipusam11_07

thaipusam11_08 thaipusam11_09

thaipusam11_10 thaipusam11_11 thaipusam11_12

thaipusam11_13 thaipusam11_14

thaipusam11_15 thaipusam11_16 thaipusam11_17

thaipusam11_18 thaipusam11_19

Hopefully, I manage to wake up early next year!


Bon Odori (2010)

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17th of July 2010, at Panasonic Sports Complex, Bon Odori that were celebrated annually here marked its 34th year. This year is my 1st  time experiencing & documenting Bon Odori since years I miss to attend the event. Reached the stadium at about 8.30pm and the place already packed with people. Bila ada dekat situ, rasa macam dah sampai Jepun pun ada, sebab ramai yang pakai pakaian tradisional Jepun, Yukata. In Malaysia, the events were celebrated in terms of dancing. People that came to the event gathered around the main stage to dance to a list of songs with different steps.

bonodori10_02 bonodori10_03

bonodori10_04 bonodori10_05

bonodori10_06 bonodori10_07 bonodori10_08

bonodori10_09 bonodori10_10

The event ended at about 11pm. Till next year!


Kuala Lumpur Design Week (2010)

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The second edition of Kuala Lumpur Design Week (KLDW) were held from 1st to 16th May of 2010. There’s a few additional new venues for this year as well as additional exhibitions this year. But unfortunately, i only manage to squeeze my time to visit  Capsquare only although i’ve been craving to visit exhibition in National Art Gallery and Gallery Petronas.

kldw10_02 kldw10_03

kldw10_04 kldw10_05

Although i didn’t make it to others venue, i believe this year KLDW was a good eye opener for local designer and future designer. Till next year!

kldw10_06 kldw10_07

kldw10_08 kldw10_09

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (2010)

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Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta marked it’s 2nd year in 2010. A group of big, hot and colorful balloons had landed on Putrajaya’s ground.  Malaysian who missed the 1st event last year, gathered at Monument Alaf Baru to witness this annual event. At early morning, the parking space a near to be filled up, and the take off area are filled with photographers yang mengambil peluang untuk merakam belon udara berwarna-warni. Termasuk juga saya. hehe.

ptjybln10_02 ptjybln10_03 ptjybln10_04

ptjybln10_05 ptjybln10_06

ptjybln10_07 ptjybln10_08

20 plus of hot air balloon participated in this year event. There are from France, Poland, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, USA, Switzerland, Thailand, Germany and Japan. Rasanya belon yang paling mendapat perhatian adalah belon Darth Vader from France.

ptjybln10_09 ptjybln10_10

ptjybln10_11 ptjybln10_12

ptjybln10_13 ptjybln10_14

This year, sempat pergi event pagi je (mcm tahun lepas). Gambar-gambar agak gelap. Hopefully there will next year! and bolehlah nak ambik gambar belon yang kurang gelap. hehe. See you guys next year!

ptjybln10_15 ptjybln10_16


Sambutan Maulidur Rasul (2010)

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Putrajaya, 26 Februari 2010. Sambutan Maulidur Rasul bagi tahun 1431H diadakan di Putrajaya. Dikhabarkan sebanyak 106 buah perwakilan dari badan badan kerajaan, korporat dan juga awam terlibat dalam sambutan peringkat kebangsaan pada tahun 2010 ini. Perakan di mulakan dari Istana Kehakiman dan kemudian tamat di Dataran Putrajaya. Tapi disebabkan sampai lewat, sempat tangkap beberapa keping gambar saja. =)

maulidur10_02 maulidur10_03 maulidur10_04

maulidur10_05 maulidur10_06

maulidur10_07 maulidur10_08

maulidur10_09 maulidur10_10

maulidur10_11 maulidur10_12

Tema sambutan tahun ni “Memantap Ukhuwah, Memperkasa Ummah”.


Chinese New Year (2010)

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Had a chance shooting for this year Chinese New Year preparation at Thean Hou Temple last few weeks. Since it was a few days before Chinese New Year celebration, the temple are pack with people who came to visit and pray. The spirit of the tiger is in the air. =) I did spend about 2 hours there and challenged myself to get a different angle from last year punya outing. Hehe. I still didn’t manage to get the  shoot that i wanted but i guess i have more satisfied photos this year. Nice! Roar!






By the way, i guess it not that late to wish Happy Chinese New Year! More prosperity and happiness this year! Till next year. Roar!


Thaipusam (2010)

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Thaipusam were celebrate each year by Tamil community here in Malaysia. It was celebrated on the full moon in the Tamil calendar (January/February).



Here in Kuala Lumpur, the event were celebrate in Batu Caves. According to statistic, Batu Caves often attracts over one million devotees and ten thousands of tourist. As in 2008, Thaipusam was declared as a public holiday and i believe the number of devotees are increasing each year including this year. Awal2 pagi pun dah ramai.



This is my third visit to Batu Caves for Thaipusam. I did skip on 2008 and 2009 because of work. There is a new route for devotees this year sbb ade flyover baru. I guess this was their new experince before they climb hundres of steps to reach the caves.



Tahun ni ‘plan’ keluar awal sebab nak cari view yang berbeza dari lawatan2 yang sebelum ni. I think i manage to get the shoot that i wanted. Nice! =)


Rambutan (2009)

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Since my last session with a bunch of mangosteen, it’s now ‘rambutan’ turn to be my models. They red and sexy. and hairy too. =p
It was just a quick session near the window. Lighting mmg best hari tu, weather is good. Nothings can beat the natural light.


Terima kasih rambutan2 sekalian di atas kerjasama sepenuh jiwa raga dan sudi menjadi model sesi fotografi pada kali ini. Hehe. Adios!


Thunderbirds in Malaysia (2009)

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Oct 3, Saturday, as early as 8am, Klang Valley’s crowd flocks to Subang Air Base to witness the USAF Demonstration Squadron, Thunderbirds. For the Thunderbirds, this was their 3rd stop on their Far East Tour.





Although, it was raining cats and dogs, the crowd stood at their best spot to be able to see the precision, skill, discipline and formations from the Thunderbirds. The show last about an hour with an amazing performance. Such an inspirational day!




Do stop by again next year!


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